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Hurricane Sandy: One Year Later

map: Hurricane Sandy

On the night of October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the New York metropolitan area, becoming the second costliest storm in American history. The hurricane, which claimed 286 lives, reached the northeast as a Category 2 and was the largest Atlantic storm (in diameter) on record.

One year later, NYU continues to play a central role in the extensive effort toward rebuilding and rethinking how the city prepares for future storms and natural disasters. On October 28, the University's Institute for Public Knowledge unveils the results from its partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the President’s Hurricane Sandy Task Force to “Rebuild by Design.”

The following are links to additional resources—at NYU and beyond—for workshops, lectures, and other ongoing Sandy-related initatives.

• NYU Super Storm Research Lab

A mutual aid research collective working to understand the changes in how New York City policy actors, NGO leaders, activists, volunteers, and residents are thinking about social, economic and environmental issues following Hurricane Sandy. We produce traditional academic articles, but we are also pushing the boundaries of what it means to do scholarly work founded on the desire to create change.

• Langone Medical Center—The Story of Hurricane Sandy

This video documents some of the media coverage of NYU Langone Medical Center during the storm, including the hundreds of faculty, staff, and students—in partnership with the FDNY, NYPD, Office of Emergency Management, and volunteers—who expertly evacuated 322 patients. Also highlighted are the hospital's recovery and reopening just two months later.

• NYU Institute for Public Knowledge

The Institute selects and develops topics for consideration and discussion in an effort to bring together academics, social researchers, and organizational leaders around issues of public concern.

• NYC Mayor's Community Affairs Unit

Information on special NYC initiatives for Hurricane Sandy rebuilding and resiliency.

• New York Cares: One Year Later Initiative

New York Cares is organizing projects in communities still fighting to get back on their feet.

• Occupy Sandy Recovery Calendar

A listing of events ranging from family programming to academic discussions to fundraisers within the greater New York/New Jersey region.

• Occupy Sandy Projects Directory

Projects listed are represented through the Occupy Sandy Project Spokescouncil, a decision making body that’s responsible for allocating resources within the Occupy Sandy community.

• FEMA's Assessment of Sandy: One Year Later

Ongoing Hurricane Sandy disaster assitance provided by FEMA.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the hurricane, we’ve asked volunteers who stepped up in the days and weeks after Sandy to think back on their experiences helping others during that difficult time. Read their stories from Greenwich Village and Breezy Point.

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