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photo: at left, Nixon in crowd with victory pose
Studying dark presidential episodes from the past can help us remain vigilant against abuses of power in our own time, argues historian Timothy Naftali. But we shouldn't be so quick to equate Trump with Nixon.
“Sharing the Gains of the US Global Economy” Conference to Examine Challenges in Immigration, Trade, Automation and Income Inequality
The Center for Labor and Employment Law at NYU Law will host the 70th annual conference on law and labor, “Sharing the Gains of the US Global Economy,” on June 8-9, 2017.
NYU President Andrew Hamilton
For Immediate Release:
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center
NYU King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center (KJCC) will host Esteban Beltrán, president of Amnesty International Spain, and journalists Jon Lee Anderson and Miquel Ramos, who will discuss Spain and far-right movements, on Tues., May 2.
Historian Stephen Gross Named 2017 Carnegie Fellow
NYU historian Stephen Gross has been named a 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellow--he will explore the history of Germany’s transition toward renewable energies.
Jeff Winkler
NYU's Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute has named Jeff Winkler, a Nashville-based writer, video anchor, and documentary producer, the winner of its Matthew Power Literary Reporting Award.
illustration: dollar sign dissolving
NYU economist Jonathan Morduch kept track of everything 235 families earned and spent in a year. The results were revealing.
Banning Transshipment at-Sea Necessary to Curb Illegal Fishing, Researchers Conclude
Banning transshipment at-sea—the transfer of fish and supplies from one vessel to another in open waters—is necessary to diminish illegal fishing.
“Environmental Activism in the Trump Era”—April 26 Panel Discussion
NYU's Department of Environmental Studies will host “Environmental Activism in the Trump Era,” a panel discussion featuring advocates and academics, on Wed., April 26.
Verónika Mendoza
Verónika Mendoza, a 2016 candidate for Peru’s presidency, will take part in “The Revolution is Feminist: Women Leadership in Latin America” on April 14.
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