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Health and Medicine

Latest Stories in Health and Medicine

Zika Test Uses Saliva to Detect Both Nucleic Acids and Antibodies of the Virus
College roommates are sensitive to their roommates’ distress but tend to underestimate the level of distress being experienced by others.
Study Calls for Improved Labeling of Toddler Drinks, Which Lack the Oversight of Infant Formulas
Top findings from the past month.
A new Wagner School study suggests that nursing homes ignore residents’ hearing loss.
New York University College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry) is expanding its mobile dental care program 'Smiling Faces, Going Places' - which brings free oral health education, screening, and services to New York City schoolchildren and seniors - to P.S. 134 in Queens (P.S. 134Q).
$3.7 Million Grant Funds Collaboration to Understand Oral Cancer Pain, Ultimately Develop New Therapies
Study in Ukraine Identifies Targeted, Cost-effective Approach to HIV Testing
Mice with the genetic defect that causes Fragile X syndrome learn and remember normally, but show an inability to learn new information that contradicts what they initially learned, shows a new study by a team of neuroscientists.
Top NYU findings from the past month.