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Health and Medicine

Latest Stories in Health and Medicine

NYU Meyers' Caroline Dorsen explores the underground use of hallucinogenic drugs.
Early Detection Using Real-Time Symptom Reports May Help with Timely Treatment
NYU Study Finds Students Using Heroin Concurrently Use Five Other Drugs on Average
Top findings from the past month.
"Our findings suggest that an intervention that alters a child’s ability to delay, but fails to change more general cognitive and behavioral capacities, will probably have very small effects on later outcomes" - Dr.Watts
Top findings from the past month.
One Third of Nurses Work Longer Than Scheduled, Resulting in Drops in Collaboration
DRESS Holds Promise for Alleviating Caregiver Burden, Creating Independence Among People with Cognitive Disorders
Both Programs Compared Prevented Cavities, But One Combining Techniques Linked with Less Decay
Kenway Louie, assistant research scientist and research assistant professor at NYU's Center for Neural Science, tackles the question in under two minutes.