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historical poster with eagle: text reads "keep him free: war savings bonds"
In their new book, politics professors Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Alastair Smith argue that decisions about conflict are too often driven by presidential ambition, avarice, and vanity.
photo: student Tanya Schmidt reading from a paper
NYU Inauguration Celebration Week goes old school.
photo: James Brown performing in Hamburg in 1973
The National Humanities Medal recipient says his recent biography of the tortured Godfather of Soul was his toughest book to write.
illustration: Bobst arch with 16 NYU presidents' faces coming out from behind it
In celebration of Andy Hamilton's inauguration, we present fifteen questions to stump even the most knowledgeable NYU history buffs.
collage: firefighter and 9/11
A 25-year veteran of the FDNY—and the first female firefighter to join the force—wants to make sure women first-responders are included in 15th-anniversary commemorations of the September 11th attacks.
photo: hand writing with pencil on a blue book
Even for students who aren't sure whether they qualify for testing accommodations, the Moses Center is here to help.
photo: David Grier in his lab with student wearing goggles
For the sci-fi series' 50th anniversary, one NYU physicist explains how he made the tractor beam a reality.
Photo: Exterior of Think Coffee in the East Village
#NYU2020 asked; students answered.
Photo: Girl standing before colorful wall. NYU logo. Text: #myfirstweek
graphic: NYU Grab Bag
Our monthly top ten.
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