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archival photo: two men holding a sign
Journalism professor Brooke Kroeger finds lessons for contemporary activists in the story of the largely forgotten Men's League for Woman Suffrage.
Photo: Girl standing before colorful wall. NYU logo. Text: #myfirstweek
Document the first days of your Fall 2017 semester for a chance to win.
collage: fish over Dublin
Top findings from the past month.
collage: 1999
A look back at what was going on in the year many members of the incoming NYU class were born.
photo: NATO nation flags in a circle with jets flying overhead; uniformed officers standing in a circle
An NYU expert tackles questions about the venerable organization's relevance in a new political era.
photo: row of books on a shelf
Broaden your approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion with more than 50 great works recommended by NYU leaders in their fields.
illustration: two speech bubbles with twitter birds inside
Top NYU findings from the past month.
photo: at left, Nixon in crowd with victory pose
Studying dark presidential episodes from the past can help us remain vigilant against abuses of power in our own time, argues historian Timothy Naftali. But we shouldn't be so quick to equate Trump with Nixon.
illustration: a hand plucking the fifth star from a line of stars
A recent study by NYU psychology professor Pascal Wallisch found that taste in films is highly idiosyncratic—and that critics and audiences don't seem to like the same things.
illustration: Emmanuel Kant looking at a brain
Top findings from the past month.
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