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image of cursor hovering above button that says "tweet". text above reads: #NYU2017, heart emoji.
A farewell to the NYU class of 2017.
photo: NYU grads walking out of Yankee Stadium
Seventeen prominent NYU alumni offer words of wisdom to this year's graduating class.
photo: bobst
Favorite videos and articles from the past school year, selected by the NYU News team.
photo: library stacks in foreground, view out window to washington sq. park in background
A roundup of news from the past school year.
photo of Chiye Aoki with text: What can neuroscience teach us about anorexia?
Chiye Aoki, professor of neural science and biology, tackles the question in 90 seconds.
photo: flowers in front of the Washington Square Park arch
Because there's only so much pomp and circumstance a person can stand.
photo: graduation cap decorated to read "oh the places you'll go"
Here are just a few of the accomplished members of this year's graduating class. We can't wait to see how they will change the world.
photo: paper bags
A look back at the month's top findings.
illustration: dollar sign dissolving
NYU economist Jonathan Morduch kept track of everything 235 families earned and spent in a year. The results were revealing.
Some at NYU's Climate Action Conference in March interpreted the environmental cause as a spiritual, moral, and religious duty.
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