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Andrew Hamilton
Letter from Andrew Hamilton to HHS Secretary Price and OMB Director Mulvaney Opposing Cuts to Federal Support for Indirect Research Costs
Messages with Moral-Emotional Words Are More Likely to go Viral on Social Media
Tweets about political topics that include moral and emotional language are more likely to spread within the ideological networks of the sender, a team of researchers has found.
Researchers Send DNA on Sequential, and Consequential, Building Mission
A team of scientists has developed a method to create structures whose building blocks are a millionth of a meter in size by encoding DNA with assembly instructions.
Researchers Pinpoint How Detecting Social Signals May Have Affected How We See Colors
The arrangement of the photoreceptors in our eyes allows us to detect socially significant color variation better than other types of color vision, a team of researchers has found.
Scientists Discover More Effective, and Potentially Safer, Crystalized Form of DDT
A team of scientists has discovered a new crystal form of DDT that is more effective against insects than the existing one.
Researchers Find Cellular Sweet Spot in Skin-Cancer Battle
A team of researchers has pinpointed a sugar modification in cells that spurs the spread of skin cancer. Its findings spotlight a target in the battle against melanoma.
Discovery in Morocco Points to Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossils
An international research team has uncovered 300,000 year-old fossil bones of Homo sapiens, a find that represents the oldest reliably dated fossil evidence of our species.
Princeton’s Yazdani on Hunting for Exotic Quantum Particles…with a Microscope—June 28
Princeton University Physicist Ali Yazdani will deliver “Hunting for Exotic Quantum Particles under the Microscope,” a public lecture, on Wed., June 28.
illustration: Emmanuel Kant looking at a brain
Top findings from the past month.
Researchers Find Chromosome Cooperation is Long-Distance Endeavor
Multiple genomic elements work cooperatively and over long distances in order to ensure the proper functioning of chromosomes, a team of scientists has found.
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