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The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will award a $16 million grant for the next generation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-V) to the Astrophysical Research Consortium. 
The value of the products we encounter influences how much we’ll subsequently pay for other items, new neuroscience research has found.
The new SPS-based center will serve as a single, essential hub for coordinating services, assistance, and connections for NYU veterans both within and outside the University.
Educational Videos by NYU Steinhardt’s New Verbatim Performance Lab Explore Biases
A team of neuroscientists have developed an intervention that normalizes multiple biological functions in mice afflicted with Fragile X Syndrome.
Top findings from the past month.
As we become increasingly dependent on our devices, a new book by Stern professor Adam Alter examines the addictiveness of technology.
NYU will host “Animal Consciousness,” a two-day conference that will explore a range of scientific and philosophical questions surrounding non-human animals, on Fri., Nov. 17 and Sat., Nov. 18.
A report from the NYU GovLab shows how data from Facebook and other platforms could be used to improve healthcare, disaster response, urban planning, and more.
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