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Education and Social Sciences

Latest Stories in Education and Social Sciences

NYU's Tim Naftali and Nikhil Pal Singh reflect on how the events of 1968 still resonate today.
New research published by NYU Steinhardt professor Michael Kieffer challenges the perception that multilingual students in the United States consistently perform poorly, have shown little academic progress, and are being failed by schools.
Public forum co-sponsored by the McSilver Institute will explore the critical new challenges and risks linked to the next big population count.
NYU psychologist Jay Van Bavel explores the latest research on how partisan allegiances can interfere with analytical thinking.
New York University’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute has named three recipients of its 2018 Reporting Award.
The Silver School’s Michelle Munson discusses her research into a highly promising path to therapeutic healing for marginalized young adults.
Susan Koff, clinical professor of dance education at NYU Steinhardt, tackles the question in less than 90 seconds.
Top findings from the past month.
"Our findings suggest that an intervention that alters a child’s ability to delay, but fails to change more general cognitive and behavioral capacities, will probably have very small effects on later outcomes" - Dr.Watts
Myriam Sbeiti graduated at the top of her class from NYU Tandon (2018) with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.