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“Regarded As” Muslim: Islamophobia and Its Ripple Effects
NYU Law will host “Regarded As,” a discussion with leading thinkers about how Islamophobia affects both Muslims and those “regarded as” Muslim.
Gallatin Arts Festival
Student creativity and imagination animate the music, visual art, dance, theater, film-making and other exhibitions at this weeklong festival, one of Gallatin's biggest yearly events.
photo: women in dorm room in 1942
Photos and documents from the NYU Archives point to milestones in the history of women teaching and learning at NYU.
logo for women & sustainability
Women are often at the frontline, bearing the burden of environmental detriment and climate change, as well as at the forefront of building a more sustainable and just world.
The Honorable Carolyn Maloney, US Representative (NY-12th District) joins international women's thought-leaders at a roundtable discussion to discuss the politics of global women’s health, and the prioritization of women’s rights in the 21st century.
"Garz erzählt"
The author will speak about her new book, "Havel, Hunde, Katzen, Tulpen—Garz erzählt" ("Havel, Dogs, Cats, Tulips—Garz Talks").
Radically Fair
An evening withThomas Straubhaar, Professor of Economics at the University of Hamburg, concerning his new book entitled "Radically Fair" - and the prospects for a minimum guaranteed income for all.
"Author's Voices"
A sampling of six authors of Festival Neue Literature provides a taste of new writing from Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.
Photo by John Harris
An exhibit of Deutsches Haus in-house photographer's work over decades includes images of actors, filmmakers, public intellectuals, and translators, from Paul Auster and Jonathan Franzen, to Carol Brown Janeway and Ilija Trojanow, and many others.
photo: Teboho Moja
We are one University representing 133 countries.
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