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Latest Stories in September

Top findings from the past month.
Research Will Develop Strong Yet Natural-Looking Materials for Restorative Dentistry
The journal’s mission is to share research, reflection, observations, and opinions from and for the diverse creators who are exploring the possibilities and directions at the frontiers of media, technology and art.
Ana Flavia Zuim, director of vocal performance at NYU Steinhardt, is also a rehearsal pianist for the Broadway megahit.
A team of neuroscientists has uncovered how our brains organize, over time, our experiences: that is, according to their similarities.
Researchers from a multi-national group universities are working together to save a scientific resource that was badly damaged in Hurricane Maria—a population of rhesus monkeys living on a remote island off the coast of Puerto Rico—and the staff and facilities that support them.
NYU will host “Writing Animals: A Symposium,” a conversation on animal genres featuring authors and faculty in Animal Studies, on Wed., Oct. 11.
NYU welcomed Madame Liu Yandong, vice premier of the People’s Republic of China, to celebrate U.S.-China collaboration and innovation on Mon., Sept. 25. During her visit, which included an address at the Kimmel Center for University Life, Madame Liu received the NYU Presidential Medal from President Andrew Hamilton at a Bobst Library ceremony.
The semi-annual speaker series features comic storyteller and LGBTQ activist Peterson Toscano as he takes on the biggest issue of them all–global warming–and does so with humor, heart, and hope.