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Latest Stories in September

Through virtual reality installations, a historic symposium, an artist residency, and more, NYU's Asian/Pacific/American Institute is challenging New Yorkers to engage in "Indigenous vision training."
Dr. Khouly’s research has the potential to significantly reduce post-extraction resorption problems that may impair the success of prosthetic restoration and/or implant placement in the posterior maxilla.
Early diagnosis and treatment is key to positive patient quality of life.
Are professors the best pundits?
The month's findings in brief.
OHA concludes its 2016 #FallforSmiles oral health advocacy campaign at NYU Dentistry; NY State Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh to attend
Acclaimed conductor and composer Constantine Kitsopoulos conducts both the NYU Philharmonia and NYU Symphony season debut performances, October 6 and 7. Chantal Balestri, winner of the 2016 NYU Steinhardt Piano Concerto Competition, will be a featured performer with the Symphony.
Researchers at NYU’s Development Research Institute have created “Networks Beyond Borders,” an interactive web site that traces the economic and religious ties within two disaporas through data, video, maps, and personal accounts, allowing the user to follow these groups’ passages and connectivity around the globe.
Digital game design could explode in New York State, creating high paying jobs and growing the local economy - provided New York State can offer start-up businesses the same tax incentives as other game-friendly municipalities.