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Latest Stories in May

For many, the cause is anything but a fringe issue.
While the latter half of the 20th century showed a widening gap between the more and less educated with respect to marriage and fertility, this trend has not significantly altered the genetic makeup of subsequent generations, a team of researchers has found.
On Memorial Day weekend, NYU President Andrew Hamilton has announced that the University would help make it more affordable for veterans to pursue their undergraduate degrees at NYU by tripling its “Yellow Ribbon” grants from $3,500/year to $10,000/year. The larger grants will take effect in 2016-17 for both entering students and current students.
The OHNEP-sponsored ACP Poral health literacy initiative, ‘Oral Health Patient FACTS,’ now available for download
Putting historical clothing in context.
An economist's history of Greene St.
The exhibition aims to raise awareness and mobilize support for the partnerships and programs working to rebuild the lives of women living with and recovering from obstetric fistula. Obstetric fistula is caused by obstructed labor without access to timely, high quality medical care, leading to chronic incontinence.
Contextual factors, such as the race of participants in an experiment or the geography of where the experiment was run, can reduce the likelihood of replicating psychological studies, a team of New York University researchers has found. Their work analyzed papers examined by the Reproducibility Project in an effort to identify potential challenges to replicating scientific scholarship.
The NYU Bookstore will host Susan Shapiro’s publishing panel, with authors Ian Frazier and Rob Spillman (June 7), columnist D. Watkins (June 9), writer/performer Isaac Oliver (June 14), and more in June.
New York University is proud to be a university partner of the annual World Science Festival, which is returning to campus beginning Wednesday, June 1 through Sunday, June 5 for a celebration of science.