Latest Stories in September

Steinhardt Conference Examines the Occult, October 18-20
Though marginalized throughout most of history, the traditions of the occult persist, representing an underground perspective that still exerts a strong influence on structures of dissent, utopianism and social change.
Food Scholars Come to NYU Roundtable for “Eating Asian America”—Oct. 24
NYU will host “Eating Asian America,” a roundtable discussion on the connection between foodways and culinary practices to our understanding of “Asian American-ness,” on Thurs. Oct. 24.
MIAP Sponsors Surveillance Film Festival - October 27
With the recent revelation of NSA's domestic spying, the issue of surveillance has resurged as an area of both social and academic debate. Tackling this topic head on, The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Student Chapter at NYU, together with the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts will present short film program examining the cultural and historical importance of surveillance film and video.
Center for the Advancement of Teaching Announces Fall Schedule
Five-Year Study by Researchers at NYU Silver School Will Explore How Best To Shift to ‘Person-Centered’ Care for People with Mental Illnesses
The five-year NIMH-supported study of Person-Centered Care Planning will be conducted at 14 mental health agencies in two states.
Neuroscientist Fenton on “Tracing, Erasing, and Harnessing Long-Term Memory”—Oct. 30
NYU neuroscientist André Fenton will deliver “Tracing, Erasing, and Harnessing Long-Term Memory,” a lecture on the biological process of memory, on Wed., Oct. 30.
Courant’s LeCun Recognized for Technological Breakthroughs in “Deep Learning”
Yann LeCun, a professor at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, has been named the recipient of the IEEE Neural Networks Pioneer Award, which is given by the Computational Intelligence Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Orphan Film Symposium Goes Midwest
Following last year’s successful events in New York and Los Angeles, NYU’s Orphan Film Project will expand into the heartland with the first “Orphans Midwest” edition of the symposia series at Indiana University Bloomington, tomorrow, September 26 through 28. More than sixty speakers, including 14 NYU Cinema Studies alumni and faculty, will address the theme “Materiality and the Moving Image.”
Steinhardt Researcher Pinpoints Biological Risk Factor in Obesity-Related Cancers
Steinhardt Professor Niyati Parekh’s latest research study concludes that disturbances in body insulin and glucose levels, specifically exposures to longer periods, are associated with an increased risk of obesity-related cancers and offers suggestions for clinicians to screen for these disturbances to aid in the prevention of these cancers.
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