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NICHE Unveils New Leadership Training Program

August 27, 2013

NICHE Contact: Barbara Bricoli | 212-992-9753 |

Revamped, updated program offers expanded content, more expert guidance, better tools for learners; Registration now open for October 2013 LTP

NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) announces it has completely revamped and updated its Leadership Training Program (LTP) to improve its educational capabilities and capacity. The LTP provides an interdisciplinary hospital team with the tools and resources for development and implementation of systemic change to increase the quality of care for older adult patients at their facility and achieve NICHE designation. Registration information for the next six-week, online LTP starting October 7, 2013 is available at

The LTP offers a blended learning approach in which participants engage in a rigorous six-week program delivered via a web-based platform and facilitated by the NICHE team and mentors. New components of the LTP include a live introduction webinar and welcome brochure, expanded and updated learning webinars, proven strategies from established NICHE hospitals, an improved Planning & Implementation Guide and more participant engagement with NICHE faculty and mentors who lead NICHE programs in their hospitals.

The online version of the program was launched in 2009. Since its inception, over 275 hospitals and more than 1200 individuals have participated in the program, which is offered three times a year. NICHE has over 470 hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout North America.

Leadership Training Program participants:

• Engage in online webinars complemented by practice-based assignments

• Work with NICHE faculty and mentors who facilitate online discussion forums, guide interactive calls and webinars and share experiences

• Review the 2013 NICHE Planning and Implementation Guide 

• Develop an action plan for the hospital to implement the NICHE Program

• Learn clinical, financial and organizational measurement approaches to evaluate program effectiveness

• Earn 30+ contact hours for continuing education credits

“The new LTP offers a vastly improved learning capability for educating staff and beginning the process of becoming a leader in the care of older adult patients as a NICHE-designated hospital," says Linda Bub, MSN, RN, GCNS-BC, NICHE director, education and program development. “There are many advantages to achieving NICHE designation, the goal of the LTP. NICHE sites report improved patient outcomes, greater patient/family and nurse satisfaction and increased efficiency and marketability.”

Three people responsible for steering the NICHE initiative at the facility should attend the LTP session. This typically includes a nurse clinician leader, a clinical educator and an administrator or quality manager. NICHE designated hospitals can also use this opportunity to train additional staff for their NICHE team.

The Geriatric Institutional Assessment Profile, an extensive, web-based assessment of a hospital’s readiness to implement geriatric programs, is included as part of the annual NICHE program fee. Participating hospitals also receive discounts for attendance at the annual NICHE conference.

Upon designation as a NICHE facility, hospitals pay an annual designation fee that includes access to a vast array of resources, ongoing evaluation tools, professional mentoring and access to the NICHE community.


NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders) is an international program designed to help hospitals improve the care of older adults. The vision of NICHE is for all patients 65-and-over to be given sensitive and exemplary care. The mission of NICHE is to provide principles and tools to stimulate a change in the culture of healthcare facilities to achieve patient-centered care for older adults. NICHE, based at NYU College of Nursing, consists of over 470 hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout North America. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter @NICHEProgram

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NICHE Unveils New Leadership Training Program

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