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New York University College of Nursing Launches Georgia Research Training Program in Tbilisi

June 17, 2013
N-370, 2012-13

Funded by the US Department of State, the Program aims to strengthen the academic research capacity in the healthcare professions and to improve the use of evidence in health policy development.

A team of professors from New York University (NYU) is coming to Georgia to provide specialized courses on translating research into practice for eighteen PhD student researchers and more than 50 healthcare practitioners from Tbilisi and Western Georgia. The courses are part of the Georgia Research Training Program funded by the United States Department of State.

“The Program aims to strengthen the research capacity among academics in the healthcare professions and improve the use of evidence in health policy development among decision makers,” said Dr. Deborah Chyun, Executive Associate Dean and Director of the Florence S. Downs PhD program in Nursing Research and Theory Development at NYU College of Nursing.  The Program is designed to assist officials at the Ministry of Labor, Health, and Social Affairs, in private and public hospitals, as well as at health insurance companies, medical and nursing associations, civil society organizations involved in healthcare and public health, and health providers themselves,” she said.

A team of NYU professors will travel to Georgia to work in close collaboration with their Georgian counterparts at three academic institutions in Tbilisi: Tbilisi State University; Tbilisi State Medical University; and the University of Georgia.  The NYU professors will take an active role in the education and mentoring of the Program participants.

The Program’s first cohort is comprised of eighteen PhD students, selected from five universities, whose individual research focuses on healthcare, public health, health services, or clinical practice.

Over a period of eighteen months, student researchers will receive a total of three weeks of instruction from the NYU professors.  Students are also matched with a NYU faculty mentor who will assist them in developing their research question, methods, data analysis plan, and manuscript for submission to peer reviewed journals.

“Using webinars and online support meetings via skype, the NYU mentor assists the student to plan and implement their research plan,” said Dr. Allison Squires, Director of International Education at NYUCN Global. “The goal is to increase the core competencies among young researchers in Georgia to conduct high-level research and to produce articles that meet the rigorous standards of peer reviewed international medical journals. NYU faculty mentors will work in partnership with Georgian professors using a team-based approach to educating the students about research,” she said.

The Program’s second cohort will include over 50 healthcare practitioners who will receive training on how to translate research into practice. The training will take place in Kutaisi from July 8-12, 2013, and in Tbilisi from July 15-19, 2013. Applications for the training are being accepted until June 21, 2013. The application and all details about the training are posted at and can also be found on the US Embassy website at

“We encourage anyone interested in developing their professional skills at reading and interpreting scientific evidence to submit an application,” said Adam Sirois, Director of International Development at NYUCN Global.  “Georgian healthcare practitioners will be able to take this training and apply it to their work in healthcare policy, clinical protocol development, health service delivery, health financing, or public health practice,” he said.

The training program in Kutaisi will be held in collaboration with the USAID Georgia Health Care Improvement Project implemented by University Research Company, LLC.

Dr. Chyun, Dr. Squires, and Mr. Sirois, are all working on the project on the ground in Georgia.  They are joined by three NYU professors who will mentor the PhD students the over internet using teleconferencing, email, and direct chat. The first training with PhD student researchers was conducted from May 13-17, 2013, and was a great start to the program.


About NYUCN Global:

The mission of NYUCN Global, integral to that of the NYU College of Nursing, is to conduct research and implement programs that address health disparities, inform clinical practice, and contribute to the advancement of science to improve the health and well being of individuals, families and communities in the United States and throughout the world. Translational science is promoted through generating, integrating, disseminating, and using knowledge to inform evidence-based policy and practice.

About the U.S. Department of State:

Department Mission Statement: Advance freedom for the benefit of the American people and the international community by helping to build and sustain a more democratic, secure, and prosperous world composed of well-governed states that respond to the needs of their people, reduce widespread poverty, and act responsibly within the international system.--From the FY 2012 Agency Financial Report, released November 2012

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NYUCN Launches Georgia Research Training Program in Tbilisi

NYUCN Professor Deb Chyun (seated) assisting Georgian PhD students on literature searches at the Tbilisi State University computer lab. [Photo credit: Adam Sirois, NYU]

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