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Support provides funding for annual lecture by prize recipient; the first will be delivered at NYU this fall.
NYU Steinhardt Researchers Awarded $1.625 Million to Partner with Intel for New Social Computing Initiative
NYU Steinhardt Professor Helen Nissenbaum has received $1.625 million to serve as New York University’s lead researcher in the new Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing.
As the moment of decision nears, NYU faculty members with expertise in health care and national policy can discuss the potential ramifications of the high court's impending decision -- and comment on the ruling itself when it is delivered.
CAS Student Walsh Awarded Thornton Tomasetti Scholarship
James Walsh, a rising senior in NYU’s College of Arts and Science, has been awarded a $5,000 scholarship from the Thornton Tomasetti Foundation, which recognizes engineering and architecture students who display extraordinary achievement in engineering, design, and technology.
NYU’s Joe A. Callaway Prize Awarded to Martin Puchner for “The Drama of Ideas”
NYU has awarded the Joe A. Callaway Prize for the Best Book on Drama or Theater to Harvard University Professor Martin Puchner for his "The Drama of Ideas: Platonic Provocations in Theater and Philosophy."
NYU College of Nursing's NICHE Program Releases Dementia Transition Series
Addition to Need to Know by NICHE Library Counsels Patients with Dementia and Their Families on Transitions and Communications
Tisch Alumna Receives Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award
Mary J. Murphy, a 2012 graduate of the Tisch School of the Arts, has been named one of 15 nationwide recipients of this year's Jack Kent Cooke Graduate Arts Award.
NYU College of Nursing Awarded Scholarships through RWJF New Careers in Nursing Program
The New York University College of Nursing (NYUCN) is pleased to announce that for the third time, it has been selected as a grant recipient of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) New Careers in Nursing Scholarship Program (NCIN).  During the 2012-2013 academic year, the $50K RWJF grant to NYUCN will provide $10K scholarships directly to five students in NYUCN’s accelerated bachelor’s program who are traditionally underrepresented in the field of nursing and are pursuing a second career in nursing.
Professor Ellen Tuchman's addition to the cross-disciplinary team ensures that social work students will be formally trained in the field of clinical substance abuse research.
Yankee Fans Keep Enemy Red Sox Closer, NYU Study Shows
Fans of the New York Yankees incorrectly perceive Fenway Park, home of the archrival Boston Red Sox, to be closer to New York City than is Camden Yards, home of the Baltimore Orioles, a study by NYU psychologists has found. Their research shows how social categorization, collective identification, and identity threat work in concert to shape our representations of the physical world.
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