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NYU’s Kimmel 8th Floor Gallery—“House: Home” on Display Through September 1st

July 19, 2012
N-419, 2011-12

New York University’s Kimmel Center, will display “House: Home”, a group exhibition including works by Thomas Ahlgren, Amanda Brown, Zach Christopher, Drew Conrad, Heather Culp, Claire Gaylord, Todd Hido, Gwynne Johnson, Ginny Mangrum, Hannah Kasper, Kristin Nason, Adam O'Neal, Jonathan Smith, Jeffrey Tranchell and Esther Pearl Watson.

The exhibition supposes the linguistic differences between "house" and "home." We employ the word house to indicate a structure and its function, home realizing the metaphysical embodiment of the structure.  This exhibition brings together installation, photography, video, mixed media, painting and sculpture that tread the boundary between the importance and the type of domestic structure and those experiences that transform it into a home.

The exhibit, free and accessible by the public, will be on display on the East wall of the 8th floor of the Kimmel Center for Student Life, located at La Guardia Place & West 3rd Street until September 1, 2012.

Zach Christopher offers images of empty rooms emphasizing the superficial relationship we have to unoccupied domestic spaces.  At moments these large scale photographs appear documentary; upon further inspection, the witness is compelled to make judgments on the quality of the residence: the spectacular view, dramatic lighting, and interior finishing details.  In one work, the Los Angeles metropolitan landscape looms over a bare apartment, the promise of fame and wealth on a distant horizon. This work recalls the monetary value of a house: location, location, location.

Todd Hido's blue toned exterior of a snow covered home, the driveway crowded with parked cars, creates and captures a veritable American experience of home life.  Ginny Mangrum, a former student of Hido, expands upon this Americana through silhouetted portraits of domestic structures, each clearly inhabited, further emphasizing the house as home.

Jeffrey Tranchell counters this intimacy with grainy stills of available apartments in Detroit, MI.  Presented using an electronic picture frame, images of available but vacated spaces fade in and out. Each appears as portraits of previously warm spaces while presenting documentation of abandoned homes. This montage of images of available apartments invites us to project our own potential future onto each space.

Drew Conrad's work brings to mind the French phrase "Je me souviens" or "I remember."  Conrad calls constructed remnants to our attention, pushing the viewer to consider the impossibility of returning home, questioning the concept as a physical space or a mental one. He presents the charred ancestors of past homes, houses, hotels, all imagined spaces.  Esther Pearl Watson counters this scene by redefining habitat, depicting a car that was frequently her childhood home juxtaposed with a painting of a dual family house, also from her childhood.

These reflections and interpretations resonate with the viewer; they are familiar yet “Uncanny”: a dining room table, a glass of milk, an unmade bed. Haunted by the confrontation of our own recognitions, the domestic spaces and objects captured in HOUSE: HOME evoke personal, intimate memories, exposing the diversity of  human experience encompassing the concept of home.

The Kimmel Window Galleries are curated by Laura K. Higgins & Pamela Jean Tinnen.  For more information please visit the Gallery’s Facebook page

About the Kimmel Galleries:  Established in 2003, Kimmel Galleries are dedicated to providing visually dynamic and thought provoking exhibitions. Located on the East wall of the 8th floor of the Kimmel Center for University Life at 60 Washington Square South. They are free and open to the public. For more information, or a tour of the gallery please contact the Curator, Pam Jean Tinnen, at 212 298 4616, or

Past exhibitions include:  Field Season: records, wandering perspectives, side notes, a selection of photographs from Abydos, by Greg Maka, Amanda Kirkpatrick and Gus Gusciora; Preconceived Notions; and Perspectives: A photography exhibit about traveling and living in our world; among others.

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NYU’s Kimmel Windows Gallery—“House: Home” on Display Through August 10th

Zach Christopher, Untitled # 27, 2010, Triple ink pressed digital print on plexiglass, 36 x 48

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