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NYU's Kimmel Windows Gallery: A View into the University's Sustainability Accomplishments, on Display April 3rd - May 18th

March 30, 2012
N-313, 2011-12


April 17, 2012

NYU Sustainability challenges you to WIN A BRAND NEW BIKE from local manufacturer Worksman Cycles. To enter, you have to solve the puzzle... visit the Gallery Windows exhibit outside the Kimmel Center along the Laguardia Pl. & W. 3rd St. sides. The exhibition showcases green programs and initiatives spearheaded by the university over the past five years.

Hidden in three of the windows is the NYU torch logo. For each torch you find, your name will be entered into the contest. The first place winner will receive a bicycle, and the next three winners will receive gift certificates to the NYU Book Store. Submissions will be accepted until May 18th.

Please choose up to three windows where you have found the hidden NYU torch logos:


New York University’s Kimmel Center in partnership with NYU's Sustainability Office, will display "Sustainability at NYU: Did you know?", an exhibition showcasing the programs and initiatives spearheaded by the university over the past five years.

The gallery will be unveiled at a launch event on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. at the Kimmel Center, with a reception immediately following at the NYU Open House Gallery, 528 LaGuardia Place, NYC.

The exhibit, free and accessible 24/7 by the public, will be on display in the street-level Kimmel Windows Gallery, located at La Guardia Place & West 3rd St until May 18th, 2012.

"Sustainability at NYU: Did you know?" is 13 large street-level windows composed around different aspects of NYU’s sustainability efforts and encourages members of the NYU community to learn more and get involved with NYU’s green initiatives.

Each 3D window display contains graphics and images designed to engage and educate the viewer about NYU’s central sustainability themes, including green building projects, sustainable landscaping, The NYU Bike Share, and cogeneration plant. Windows are tagged with a Quick Response Code (QR Code) which if scanned with a smartphone, will lead the viewer to additional multimedia information on the Internet about the display.

"The exhibit not only demonstrates the sustainability successes that have taken place on campus, but also recognizes the challenges ahead that can only be faced with the help of the larger NYU community," said Pam Jean Tinnen, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions at the Kimmel Galleries.

The exhibit recognizes and celebrates NYU's efforts put forth from both administrative and grassroots levels over the past five years. NYU has vastly improved its environmental performance while working toward building a campus culture dedicated to innovative and ecologically sustainable practices. The windows demonstrate that NYU’s sustainability efforts have focused on doing more than simply "going green," but that NYU is developing effective models for a more peaceful and prosperous global community.

For more information please visit the Gallery's Facebook page.

About the Kimmel Windows:  Established in 2003, Kimmel Windows are dedicated to providing visually dynamic and thought provoking exhibitions. 24/7 street level viewing engenders moments of serendipitous reflection, dialogue and communal experience. Offering the unique occasion to engage passersby in a daily conversation with the art and concepts presented, Kimmel Windows affords a remarkable and distinct space for expression.

Past exhibitions include: Eugene O'Neil As Seen by Al Hirschfeld; Stars of Ethiopia; Photographs by Chester Higgens; Last Address: an Elegy for a Generation of NYC Artists Who Died of AIDS; For the City: Jenny Holzer; and others

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NYU’s Kimmel Windows Gallery: A View into the University’s Sustainability Accomplishments, on Display April 3rd -May 18th

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