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NYUCN's Annual Norman and Alicia Volk Lecture on Geriatric Nursing Took Place April 13

April 15, 2011

“Preparing for 2030: Health Care and Aging” lecture delivered by Dr. Tara Cortes

Over 175 guests attended Dr. Tara Cortes, PhD, RN, FAAN lecture on “Preparing for 2030: Health Care and Aging” on Wednesday, April 13 at New York University, for the annual Norman and Alicia Volk Lecture on Geriatric Nursing.

Dr. Cortes spoke about the challenges facing the healthcare system, focusing on the healthcare needs of older adults and the vision of change to meet these needs. As cited in the Institute of Medicine Report (2010), The Future of Nursing, nurses are well positioned to provide leadership in models of care across the continuum. She highlighted how NICHE is a comprehensive approach that is used to foster system wide improvements in the care of older adults and how it supports the Health Care Reform (ACA, 2010). Dr. Cortes said that to answer the care need of older adults, we must strive to create a care system that is seamless and provides interdisciplinary patient and family centered care, with a value for the quality of life and highest potential for every patient.

This annual lecture at the NYU College of Nursing is made possible through the generous support of Norman and Alicia Volk. Their gift allows the College to host this essential series of lectures that focus on the many quality health care needs of older adults. Norman Volk serves as a vital member of the College’s Board of Advisors, the Chairman of the Board of the John A. Harford Foundation, and the President of Chamberlain and Steward Associates, Ltd. He is also a member of the External Advisory Council of the Stanford Center on Longevity. Alicia Volk, formerly the Head of Client Services at Christies Auction House, is an independent art advisor and was also the President of the Hermitage Museum Foundation USA, Inc. She is one of the key founding members of the committee organizing the Harvard University symposium on Art and Science “Parallels in Creativity” along with Dr. Dimitar Sasselov, Director of the Origins of Life Initiative at Harvard University. Mr. and Mrs. Volk are truly committed to the mission of excellence in the care of older adults.

Dr. Cortes is the Executive Director of the Hartford Institute for Geriatrics and a Professor in Geriatric Nursing at the New York University College of Nursing.  Prior to joining the NYU College of Nursing, Dr. Cortes was the President and CEO of Lighthouse International, a well known not-for-profit organization helping people with vision loss. Dr. Cortes spent the initial phase of her career in nursing education at Hunter College, and then as the Head of Nursing Research and Information Systems at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. She was the Chief Nursing Officer at Rockefeller University Hospital and continued her career in nursing and hospital administration at Mount Sinai Medical Center and at Bridgeport Hospital, before assuming the senior leadership role at Lighthouse International.

As Executive Director of the Hartford Institute, Dr. Cortes has brought her leadership, wisdom and experience to enhance some of the respected existing programs in the Institute and to develop new and innovative initiatives. The consistent theme across her work is the essential role of advanced practice nurses improving the quality of life in specific patient populations and the interdisciplinary nature of health care.


Additionally, Dr. Cortes is a Fellow in the American Academy of Nursing and a Fellow of the New York Academy of Medicine. She is a Past Fellow of the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Executive Nurse Fellows Program. 

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Annual Norman and Alicia Volk Lecture on Geriatric Nursing Took Place April 13

Dr. Tara Cortes, PhD, RN, FAAN lecture on “Preparing for 2030: Health Care and Aging” on Wednesday, April 13 at New York University, for the annual Norman and Alicia Volk Lecture on Geriatric Nursing.

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