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NYU to Open New Center to Serve Students’ Academic Needs

January 20, 2011
N-203, 2010-11

NYU will create a new academic services hub for students to support them in achieving academic success.  The new center – to be called the Academic Resource Center – will be a one-stop location for academic support and skills development; academic advising services; and a satellite location for other important student support services, such as financial aid and career counseling, thereby bringing together a set of important student services that are currently dispersed.

The Center will be centrally located in space on Washington Place formerly occupied by the NYU Bookstore, near NYU’s main classroom buildings and library.  Renovation of the space is beginning this month, and the new center is expected to be completed by the start of the 2011-12 academic year.

In March 2010, the All-University Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee -- an advisory group comprised of faculty and students chaired by College of Arts and Science Dean Matthew Santirocco -- recommended to the Provost that the University create a single portal to provide multiple academic services for students, including an all-University advising center to assist students with cross-school and all-University majors and minors.  Many of the features of the Academic Resource Center emerged out of that recommendation.

Provost David McLaughlin said, “When the NYU Bookstore moved to Broadway, we thought a great deal about what would be appropriate for this central location, so near our main classroom buildings and library.  Ultimately, we concluded that an academic service center for students was just the right thing.

“As any NYU student will tell you, our University has rigorous academic standards,” McLaughlin said.  “From time to time, everyone can use a little help: one-on-one instruction on a concept that emerged in class can be just the thing to lead to a real breakthrough in understanding; some advice on academic skills can make a major difference in managing time; or using these academic resources may enable students to get a leg up in applying for competitive professional or graduate programs.  We want our students to know there are resources available to help them be successful, and to make it easy for them to use them.  This is an important project and a valuable investment; we are very excited by creation of the Academic Resource Center and the services it will provide to our students.”

The Academic Resource Center will include space for the College Learning Center and its academic support and skill development programs (group and one-on-one), academic and professional advising, the Opportunity Programs, classrooms, study areas, meeting rooms, offices, and the sale of light snacks.

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Academic Affairs and Faculty, Office of Student Life, Provost

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Press Contact: John Beckman | (212) 998-6848

NYU to Open New Center to Serve Students’ Academic Needs

A dramatic circulation spiral originating at a central concierge desk organizes the Academic Resource Center: this path leads students to advising offices that surround the dramatic double height atrium or downstairs to classrooms and tutoring rooms. Along the way, a variety of comfortable study areas activate this route, promoting both individual and collaborative study.

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