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NYU College of Nursing Receives $300,000 Grant from the Brookdale Foundation to Support Geriatric Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarships

May 7, 2010

The Grant Will Build Ranks of Expert Geriatric Nursing Clinicians & Faculty

New York University's College of Nursing announced that it has a received a profoundly generous grant of $300,000 from the Brookdale Foundation to support scholarships for geriatric nurse practitioners who seek to enroll in the College’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program. The DNP program, introduced in the spring of 2010, prepares advanced-practice nurses to become leaders in clinical care and in academia.  By helping to grow the ranks of geriatric doctors of nursing practice, the Brookdale grant will support improved clinical outcomes for older adults and increase the supply of faculty who will teach the next generation of nurses to care for a rapidly aging U.S. population.

“The need to prepare tomorrow’s geriatric nurse leaders is at a critical point,” says Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN, dean of NYU College of Nursing.  “We are enormously grateful to the Brookdale Foundation for recognizing that our aging population—faced with a graying health care workforce—needs a substantial influx of expert nurse clinicians and clinical faculty who are highly competent to meet and teach about their complex needs.”

Under the leadership of President Stephen L. Schwartz, the Brookdale Foundation works to advance the fields of geriatrics and gerontology and to improve the lives of senior citizens—in New York City, across the country, and around the world.  

NYU College of Nursing is one of the nation’s top-ranked geriatric nursing programs, and its Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing is a powerhouse for education research and practice in the field.  The new Doctor of Nursing Practice program is a professional practice doctorate comparable to those of other health professions such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and physical therapy.  This degree positions advanced-practice nurses to assume clinical leadership positions in health care organizations and become clinical faculty in advanced nursing education programs. One of the nine interrelated clinical specialties included in the DNP program is the Geriatric Nurse Practitioner role.

“Because so few nurses have specialized in gerontological nursing in the past, there is a serious shortage of nurses to teach this subject.  NYU College of Nursing is deeply committed to creating a cadre of such faculty, and the availability of Brookdale-funded scholarships will go a very long way toward achieving this goal,” Dr. Fulmer says.

The College of Nursing is located on New York University’s historic Greenwich Village campus in New York City.  The College of Nursing is one of the leading nursing programs in the United States.  In addition to the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, the College offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Master of Arts and Post-Master’s Certificate Programs; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Research Theory and Development.

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NYU Nursing College of Nursing Receives a $300,000 Grant from the Brookdale Foundation to Support Geriatric Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarships

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