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NYU Photo Exhibit Marks 20th Anniversary of Partners in Health

September 3, 2008
n-08, 2008-09

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the renowned Partners In Health, the NYU Master’s Program in Global Public Health has mounted an exhibit of photographs documenting the Boston-based organization’s pioneering work bringing high-quality medical care to destitute communities.

The photographs, assembled by Partners In Health to depict the clinics and communities where it has forged partnerships with patients and local health workers to combat epidemic AIDS, tuberculosis, hunger, and poverty, are on exhibit from September 4 to October 12 at New York University’s Kimmel Center for University Life, Commuter Lounge Gallery, 2nd Floor, 60 Washington Square South, New York, N.Y.

The gallery is open Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.; Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m.; and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Partners In Health is familiar to readers of Tracy Kidder’s best-seller Mountains Beyond Mountains. In the exhibit, the images move from the barren hills of Haiti to the shantytowns of Peru, and from the villages of rural Rwanda to the streets of downtown Boston. They depict how communities that suffer the most glaring health, social, and economic disparities in the world can be revived when the individuals living in them have access to health, social and economic support, and training.

The NYU Master’s Program in Global Public Health ( is proud to bring this important installation to New York University, with support from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation and co-sponsorship in part by the NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship. The Global MPH Program is a collaboration of five of NYU’s premier professional schools. It prepares professionals to play leadership roles in promoting global health.

About the NYU Master’s Program in Global Public Health: In response to the recognition that no single disciplinary approach is sufficient to respond to today’s complex global health challenges, five of New York University’s premier professional schools collaboratively offer the NYU Master’s Program Global Public Health, awarding the Master of Public Health degree (M.P.H). The program prepares professionals with advanced degrees from multiple disciplines to play leadership roles in promoting global health. Graduates of this program will be uniquely qualified to lead multidisciplinary initiatives to enhance the health status of individuals and communities around the world. For more information, visit the program website at

About Partners In Health: Twenty years ago, a small Boston-based nonprofit set out to provide quality health care to a squatter community in the central plateau of Haiti - the poorest region of the poorest country in the western hemisphere. Today, Partners In Health (PIH) works in 10 countries spanning four continents, providing community-based treatment and social support to fight the pandemic diseases of the poor - AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, hunger and malnutrition.

Through service delivery, training, research, and advocacy, PIH works to bring the benefits of modern science to those most in need. When a person in Peru, or Siberia, or rural Haiti falls ill, PIH uses all of the means at their disposal to make them well-from pressuring drug manufacturers, to lobbying policy makers, to providing medical care and social services. Whatever it takes. Just as we would do if a member of our own family-or we ourselves-were ill.

For more information about PIH please visit, or check out Pulitzer prize-winning author Tracy Kidder’s bestselling book, Mountains Beyond Mountains (Random House, 2004).

About the NYU Reynolds Program in Social Entrepreneurship: The Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Program in Social Entrepreneurship is designed to attract, encourage and train a new generation of leaders in public service. Each year, the program will expose a highly selective group of graduate and undergraduate students from throughout New York University to the cross-disciplinary skills, experiences and networking opportunities needed to advance and support their efforts to realize sustainable and scalable pattern-breaking solutions to society’s most intractable problems. The program will also bring the field of social entrepreneurship to the greater NYU community. All interested NYU students can take advantage of many of the program’s resources, including access to influential leaders in the field, exposure to cutting-edge research and scholarship on social entrepreneurship, access to new classes, and the opportunity to participate in skill building activities and trainings. NYU is truly a private university in the public service, and the Catherine B. Reynolds Foundation Program is an important university-wide element of that concept. For more information, visit

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Press Contact: Robert Polner | (212) 998-2337


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