Statement by NYU President John Sexton On Today's Event

“We at NYU are committed to dialogue, even on divisive topics, and to the free exchange of ideas, even difficult and unpopular ideas. For that reason, it was important that we rejected the calls that came from some quarters asking us to prevent the College Republicans’ event from going forward on campus. They held their event, and others who objected to their ‘game’ came together to protest it, and each side had the opportunity to make their views well known publicly.

“That said, there is dialogue, and there is dialogue. My hope for this campus is that exchanges of views be marked by civility, respect, and thoughtfulness; the College Republican’s event did not clear that bar. Such events as today’s place sloganeering and trivialization of thought above true debate. As a university community of scholars and learners, we can do better, and we can set a better example for the quality of dialogue we hope for in our country.”

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