Development of the Operating Budget

The budget for fiscal 2012 successfully meets the competing challenges of continuing to invest in the University’s academic programs and physical plant while moderating the increase in student charges. 

Global Initiatives

The fiscal 2012 budget includes new funding for global research initiatives. The funding represents a major commitment by the Provost to faculty research undertaken abroad or in collaboration with international researchers from around the NYU network and the world. Among the initiatives is the creation of research centers, to be housed contiguous to our study sites at various Global locations, and the Global Institute for Advanced Study (GIAS), a set of collaborative international research groups working on multi-year projects in New York and abroad. Other initiatives include visitors' housing in New York for visiting researchers; funds to support faculty colloquia, conferences, and other events aimed at linking programs in New York with one of the Global sites; and support for doctoral students at global sites in the final phases of writing their dissertations. These programs will develop over the next several years, reaching a steady state operation in fiscal 2015.

Operational planning is now intensively underway for the Shanghai comprehensive campus. A site-specific feasibility study is being conducted for a new study abroad site in Sydney, and a feasibility study is in progress for a new campus in Madrid. Expansion of global sites in Tel Aviv and Paris, and construction of the Washington D.C. campus are also underway.

To support the academic mission of a robust Global Network University, new investments are being made in the University’s administrative infrastructure. The investments follow a series of task forces that examined several service areas, including financial, human resources, compliance, public safety, travel, visa, and global mobility.