Fiscal 2012 Budget

Dear Fellow Members of the NYU Community,

On behalf of the Provost, the Executive Vice President, and the Chief Financial Officer, I am pleased to share with you in the pages that follow the key elements of the budget for New York University∗ for fiscal 2012 (which covers the period September 1, 2011 to August 31, 2012).

An institution's budget is a balance of resources and needs. The budget for fiscal 2012:

  • Sets moderate increases in student charges;
  • Invests in planning and development for a new Center for Urban Science and Progress;
  • Sustains our academic momentum through continued faculty recruitment, new research opportunities for faculty and graduate students in NYU's global network, and continued capital investments in academic facilities;
  • Strengthens the administrative infrastructure that supports the University’s academic mission throughout the global network; and
  • Maintains the operating efficiencies the University achieved in the years prior to and immediately following the economic downturn that began in 2007.

Financial pressures continue to be experienced by most institutions of higher education; this is especially true for tuition-dependent universities such as ours. NYU will remain vigilant about its budget to ensure that support of academic excellence remains our highest priority. I hope you will find this outline of NYU's fiscal 2012 budget to be informative.

Anthony P. Jiga
Vice President for Budget and Planning

* All parts of New York University other than the NYU Langone Medical Center (i.e., the School of Medicine and the Hospitals) and NYU Polytechnic Institute.