Capital Budget


The capital budget is the multi-year plan that provides funding for the physical facilities and information technology infrastructure of NYU's Washington Square Campus.

In fiscal 2010, capital expenditures will total $593 million. Sources of funding include:

  • Long-term financing for 79% of the total, or $470 million. (The University's ability to finance its capital program is facilitated by NYU's strong financial position, as recognized by the "double A" rating given to its bonds by Moody's and S&P.)
  • Philanthropy and transfers from operating budgets make up the remaining 21%, or $123 million.

The capital budget is used for the following purposes:

  • 58% of capital expenditures will be for improvements to, or new construction of, academic facilities.
  • 25% of capital spending will purchase new, or improve existing, student housing and other facilities that house student services.
  • 7% of the capital budget will be used to purchase new, and improve existing, faculty housing.
  • 10% of the capital budget will be used for campus infrastructure, including a new co-generation plant and various information technology initiatives.

Spending for capital maintenance to keep all University buildings in good repair is included in each of the four categories above, and totals $33 million dollars.