Our Work

What we can do

What We Can Do

  • A majority of Student Government's work is accomplished through our 18 committees, which oversee a wide range of issues and projects, from academic affairs to club life, and from student services to policies affecting the global network.
  • The Student Senators Council frequently works with administrators, faculty and staff to promote the interests and rights of students.
  • Student Senators frequently draft resolutions to address policies the Student Senators Council supports, hopes to create, or would like to change based on student interest. Any student is able to submit a resolution via their School Senator or through a Senator at-Large representing their interests.

What We've Done

  • The Student Services Committee, in coordinating with a number of student-led groups and university administration, created the Tobacco-Free Initiative. The Initiative’s first actions included the painting of smoke-­free boundary dots and the placement of new tobacco-­free signage outside Weinstein Residence Hall and Elmer Holmes Bobst Library.
  • Working alongside the Inter-Residence Hall Council and the Student Technology and Research Committee, the Student Senators Council added IT print stations to all residence halls.
  • The Student Services Committee, supporting student-led efforts to increase the university’s sustainability programs, spearheaded the installation of water fountain refilling stations in the Kimmel Center and in upcoming building renovations.
  • Senators at-Large Ryan Thomas and CAS Senator Amanda Ezechi proposed a resolution to the Student Senators Council calling on government offices to reduce or subsidize the costs for MetroCards. The resolution was unanimously passed by the Student Senate.
  • As part of continued efforts to increase communication to and from the student body, the Public Relations Committee has revamped its blog and created a monthly newsletter sent to the student body.
  • The Conference Funding Committee has increased its available funds from $30,000 in Academic Year 2014 to $60,000 in Academic Year 2016. The committee has funded more than 160 grants for students attending conferences around the world.
  • As part of our work to increase transparency and accountability, the Student Senators Council, for the first time in its thirty-year history, as published its budget for the current fiscal year and has opened meetings to guests.
  • Senator Ezechi proposed a resolution urging representatives of the Student Senators Council to increase communication with students representing marginalized communities. The resolution was passed by the Student Senate.
  • The Black and Brown Coalition, Senator McLeod, and Senator Thomas proposed an increased number of scholarships to students from Title I and Title VII schools to support the retention of students from financially disadvantaged and Native American communities.
  • The Black and Brown Coalition, Senator McLeod, and Senator Thomas also proposed a resolution to support the creation of an Indigenous People's Day and Global Indigenous Studies Major and Minor. The resolution was passed by the Student Senate.
  • In order to create a sustainable global government, Senator Kho successfully proposed a resolution urging the Student Senators Council to actively engage with the Abu Dhabi and Shanghai Student Councils in their restructure proposals.
  • Senator Wee proposed that  New York University join the IIE’s Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis and support Syrian refugees and scholars.
  • Senator Mba-Kalu successfully proposed a resolution to increase financial support to international students who are affected by unforeseen economic circumstance.  
What We've Done

What We Are Doing

What We Are Doing

  • Members of the Affordability Task Force are working on collaborative projects centered around finding tangible ways to make NYU more affordable. Upcoming projects include a proposal for subsidizing MetroCards for students with academic requirements and working with administrators to propose a program that helps students facing unforeseen financial circumstances stay at NYU.
  • Alongside the University Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion, members of the Student Senators Council are working with student-led organizations, faculty and administration to address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion within the NYU Community. The SSC has affirmed its commitment to improving the student experience from students of all backgrounds, and is actively working with the Black and Brown Coalition to address its List of Demands.
  • The Committee on Organization and Governance is working on a proposal to restructure the Student Senators Council to be more accessible, effective and efficient: Student Government+.
  • To increase outreach efforts by members of the Student Senators Council, each Senator at-Large will be planning and executing projects related to various micro-communities within the broader NYU community, including: students of faith; financial aid recipients; graduate students; and those studying at global sites and portal campuses.