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Get Involved

Join your School Student Council

Reach out to your Student Senator representative here, who can get you involved and tell you when the school council meets!

Come to UCSL Meetings

The University Committee on Student Life (UCSL) is the main standing committee of the SSC. The UCSL is open to all students, its members are comprised of all school presidents and senators. The committee creates recommendations for councils and works to improve the student experience through its various committees and reports directly to the SSC.
Meetings are open to all students. Click here to find out when the next UCSL meeting is.

Join a UCSL Committee

The SSC and UCSL fulfill most of their functioning through committee work. Below is a listing of all of the committees which oversee particular student interests.
As a student, you have the opportunity to serve on the Student Activities Board (SAB), the All-Square Student Budget Allocation Committee, Academic Services, Alumni Relations, the Information Technology Advisory Board Committee (iTAB), Public Relations, International Affairs, Student Services, and the Student Health Advisory Board.
Click here to find out more about these committees and how to possibly pursue membership.

Become a School Senator

Can only run in the school of which they are a student in. Past attendance at Student Council GA Meetings are generally encouraged. The School Senator will act as a liaison between their respective school, the Student Senators Council (SSC), and the University Committee on Student Life (UCSL), and the University Senate. They must attend ALL called meetings of the SSC and UCSL. For more information on elections, email us at

Become a Senator at-Large

These seven members of the Student Senators Council, chosen by the currently sitting regularly elected sixteen school senators, are meant to represent constituencies not fully captured by school affiliation (e.g. club life, commuters, international students, etc.). They also often take extraordinary leadership roles within University-wide student government. For more information on elections, email us at

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