Executive Committee

The Executive Committee oversees Student Government as well as appoints the chairs and members the committees of the Student Senators Council, University Committee on Student Life, Global Committee on Student Life, and University Senate. In addition, the Executive Committee regularly meets with the President, Provost and other administrators on behalf of all Student Government facets in order to advance the student agenda. 

Ryan Thomas, SSC/UCSL Chair

College of Arts of Science  


Ryan Thomas, a Senator at-Large, is a senior in the College of Arts and Science studying Politics. Since his first year on the square, he has been involved in the Student Senators Council, most recently serving as SSC Chief of Staff and Chair of the Conference Funding Committee. Outside of student government, Ryan is an intern for Hillary for America and has previously worked in the White House Office of Communications and at the Center for American Progress Action Fund. This year, Ryan serves as the Chair of the Student Senators Council and University Committee on Student Life.

Office Hours: Thursdays, 11 AM to 12 PM, and Fridays, 3 PM to 6 PM


Amanda Ezechi, SSC Vice-Chair

College of Arts and Science


Amanda Ezechi is the School Senator for the College of Arts and Science, a senior studying Journalism and Politics, minoring in Business of Entertainment Media and Technology. She hopes to have a career involving both legislation and documentary-making. When she's not studying or running around campus, you could find her gallivanting around Brooklyn with a tripod and camera or online catching up on the 2016 Presidential Election campaign trails. If none of the above, then she's walking around the village singing louder than she should be or dancing to the music that's playing only in her head.

Office Hours: Friday, 2 PM to 5 PM

Emeka Mba-Kalu, Global Vice-Chair

Leonard N. Stern School of Business  


Emeka, a senior majoring in Finance and Economics, is a second-term Senator at-Large and the current Global Vice Chair of the SSC. Emeka was born and raised in Nigeria before moving to New York for school. He aims to use this global perspective to improve the lives of international students in NYU, while encouraging and supporting students who use NYU's global network to expand their worldview. In his free time, you might find him cycling around the city or watching Arsenal's premier league fixtures.  

Office Hours: Wednesday, 5PM to 6PM

Mahmoud "AG" Abugharbieh, UCSL Vice-Chair

Tandon School of Engineering


Mahmoud Abugharbieh, is the President of the Undergraduate Student Council at Tandon School of Engineering and the current UCSL Vice Chair. He is a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering. AG likes basketball, skateboarding, and watching Netflix.

Office Hours: Thursdays, 11 AM to 2 PM

Office Hours: