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Student Senators Council

The Student Senators Council (SSC) is the overarching representative body of students within New York University's governance structure.

SSC/UCSL Group Photo

The SSC is made up of 21 Student Senators elected by the students of the various schools and colleges of NYU and 14 Student Senators appointed at-large by the elected School Senators.

The aim of the SSC is to constantly improve the student experience. The Council considers matters in which the interests, rights, or responsibilities of students are involved and takes special responsibility in bringing student concerns to the attention of the University Senate and appropriate University administration.

The University Committee on Student Life (UCSL) is the main standing committee of the SSC. The UCSL is open to all students, its members are comprised of all school presidents and senators. The committee creates recommendations for councils and works to improve the student experience through its various committees and reports directly to the SSC.

SSC Structure

How it Works

The University Senate, chaired by the University president and comprised of the Student Senators Council (SSC), the Faculty Senators Council (FSC), the Adminstrators Management Council (AMC), and Deans Council, is the highest decision making body at NYU. It upholds University-wide policies that are ratified by the Board of Trustees, and it addresses issues that affect the University as a whole. The Student Senators Council (SSC) holds 35 seats on the University Senate and represents student interests on that body.

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