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Committee Agendas and Reports

Academic Year: 2014-2015


FSC Committees


Administration & Technology

examines administrative issues which affect faculty, including technology-related issues such as technology-enhanced education


  • Review of Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy
  • Review of NYU Policy on University Access to Electronic Information
  • Read past Committee reports

Co-Chairs: Arthur Miller & Carol Reiss
Members:  John Archer, Dave Backus, Todd Disotell, Achiau Ludomirsky, Ted Magder, Thomas Wisniewski

Educational Policies & Faculty/Student Relations

acts as the Faculty Senators Council counterpart to the Academic Affairs Committee of the University Senate; interacts with the NYU Center for Teaching Excellence; proposes, develops, and implements new programs to enhance faculty participation in campus and student life


Co-Chairs: Maurizio Porfiri & Angela Kamer
Members: Sinan Antoon, Todd Disotell, Benard Dreyer, David Pearce, Arthur Tannenbaum, Nancy Van Devanter

Faculty Benefits & Housing

reviews and makes recommendations with regard to faculty benefits; discusses issues related to housing for faculty; monitors University policies and practices that affect faculty in University housing


Faculty Benefits
Faculty Housing

Co-Chairs: David Stokes & Sewin Chan
Members: Adam Becker, Nick Economides , Magued Iskander, Wen Ling, Allen Mincer

Finance and Policy Planning

studies faculty salaries, working conditions, negotiation processes; examines long-range issues; addresses other relevant financial matters


Co-Chairs: David Backus & Daniel Smith
Members: Sewin Chan, Jeff Goodwin, Sydney Ludvigson, David Stokes, Raghu Sundaram

Global Network University

analyzes academic issues regarding portal campuses and the implementation of the Global Network University initiative


  • GNU Finances
  • Monitoring critical issues
  • Study away sites and partnership with home department/school
  • Role of Global Liberal Studies
  • Read past Committee reports

Co-Chairs: Awam Amkpa & Arvind Rajagopal
Members: Mark Alter, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Jeffrey Erlich, Jeff Goodwin, Nancy Van Devanter, Daniel Zwanziger


monitors University-wide governance and the governance process in the several schools; considers the impact of policies that affect faculty governance; conducts regular periodic reviews of the NYU Faculty Handbook


  • Incorporating new Bylaws into Faculty Handbook
  • Implementing Best Practices for Senate Elections in the Schools
  • Updates to FSC Rules of Procedure
  • Read past Committee reports

Co-Chairs: Jim Uleman & Mitchell Kane
Members: Awam Amkpa, Adam Becker, Michael Garabedian, Warren Jelinek, Victoria Stanhope

Inclusion, Equity, & Diversity

collects, reviews, and disseminates institutional data as it relates to the representation and academic standing of underrepresented groups of faculty and students; serves as a liaison between the Faculty Senators Council and the Office of Equal Opportunity, Office of the Provost for Diversity, and Office of Institutional Research on policies and procedures that affect matters related to inclusion, equity, and diversity; develops proposals for programs to further advance the university’s mission in these areas.


  • Review information about the institution’s process for collecting faculty race/ethnicity data; and the current state of diversity at NYU with respect to both faculty and students.

Co-Chairs: Everett Allgood & Charlton McIIwain
Members: Sinan Antoon, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Michael Garabedian, Sydney Ludvigson                                   

Personnel Policies & Tenure Modifications

reviews University personnel policies and practices, including inclusion, equity & diversity, which affect the faculty; considers any proposals affecting tenure; examines problems experienced under tenure rules and considers alternative solutions


Co-Chairs: Warren Jelinek & Wen Ling
Members: Mark Adelman, Hasia Diner, David Pearce, Herb Samuels, Dan Zwanziger

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