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Committee Agendas and Reports

Academic Year: 2013-2014


FSC Committees


Administration & Technology

examines administrative issues which affect faculty, including technology-related issues such as technology-enhanced education


  • Review of Electronic Communications and Social Media Policy
  • Review of Policy on Use of Copyrighted Materials
  • Read Committee reports


Todd Disotell (Chair), Angela Kamer, Achiau Ludomirsky, Maurizio Porfiri, Carol Reiss, Margaret Smith, Alex Tuzhilin,Thomas Wisniewski

Educational Policies & Faculty/Student Relations

acts as the Faculty Senators Council counterpart to the Academic Affairs Committee of the University Senate; interacts with the NYU Center for Teaching Excellence; proposes, develops, and implements new programs to enhance faculty participation in campus and student life


  • Policy on Assigning Course Credit Hours
  • Review of Policy on Use of Copyrighted Materials
  • Working with SSC on the following agenda items:
    • Academic Advising
    • Global Issues
    • Faculty involvement in student life
  • Read Committee reports


Michael Dinwiddie (Chair), Jennifer Carpenter, Todd Disotell, Benard Dreyer, Ann Morning, Laurin Raiken, Arthur Tannenbaum

Faculty Benefits & Housing

reviews and makes recommendations with regard to faculty benefits; discusses issues related to housing for faculty; monitors University policies and practices that affect faculty in University housing


Faculty Benefits
  • Meeting with Office of Human Resources
  • Open enrollment 2013
  • Comparison of the present NYU-Poly medical plan contributions to the 2014 NYU medical plan contributions
  • Read Committee Reports
Faculty Housing
  • Meeting with Office of Faculty Housing
  • Status of apartment upgrade options
  • Incentives for downsizing of empty nesters
  • Average rents by category of apartment
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Plans for repairing broken pavement on superblocks
  • Window replacement for WSV and ST
  • Read past Housing Committee reports


Sewin Chan (Co-Chair), David Stokes (Co-Chair), Everett Allgood, Adam Becker, Hasia Diner, Benard Dreyer, Mary Ann Jones, Angela Kamer, Arthur Miller, Allen Mincer, Jules Moskowitz, Victoria Stanhope

Finance and Policy Planning

studies faculty salaries, working conditions, negotiation processes; examines long-range issues; addresses other relevant financial matters


  • Recommendation for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year
  • Collection of data on University revenues, expenses, and capital budeting
  • Read past Committee reports


David Backus (Chair), Awam Amkpa, Jeff Goodwin, Magued Iskander, Mitchell Kane, Sydney Ludvigson, Arvind Rajagopal, Victor Rodwin, Eero Simoncelli, Raghu Sundaram, James Uleman

Global Network University

analyzes academic issues regarding portal campuses and the implementation of the Global Network University initiative


  • Clarifications on emerging policies on curriculum at the study away and portal sites
  • Study Away sites and academic leadership as well as their relationships with departments in New York
  • Curricula and/or administrative rationale for constituting advisory committees to the Study Away sites
  • Faculty hiring processes and their intersectionalities with NY
  • The proposed Global professorships
  • Read Committee reports


Awam Amkpa (Chair), Mark Alter, John Archer, Sylvain Cappell, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael Dinwiddie, Rebecca Karl, Jo Labanyi, Ann Morning, Carol Sternhell, David Stokes, Frank Upham, Daniel Zwanziger


monitors University-wide governance and the governance process in the several schools; considers the impact of policies that affect faculty governance; conducts regular periodic reviews of the NYU Faculty Handbook



Jim Uleman (Chair), Everett Allgood, Adam Becker, Jeff Goodwin, Jim Jacobs, Warren Jelinek, Carl Lebowitz, Charlton McIlwain, Maurizio Porfiri, Carol Reiss, Victoria Stanhope

Personnel Policies & Tenure Modifications

reviews University personnel policies and practices, including inclusion, equity & diversity, which affect the faculty; considers any proposals affecting tenure; examines problems experienced under tenure rules and considers alternative solutions


  • University Guidelines for Full-Time Contract Faculty Appointments
  • Diversity initiatives
  • Review of Tisch School of the Arts’ Guidelines for Arts Professors: Appointments, Renewals, Promotions
  • Read Committee reports


Warren Jelinek (Co-Chair), Charlton McIlwain (Co-Chair), Salah Al-Askari, David Backus, Benard Dreyer, Allen Mincer,  Herb Samuels, Victoria Stanhope, Celia Stewart, Arthur Tannenbaum

University Committees

University Space Priorities Working Group

The University Space Priorities Working Group—first announced at the May 2012 meeting of the University Senate, made up of faculty representatives appointed by the schools and the Faculty Senators Council, as well as representatives from the Student Senators Council and the Administrative Management Council—has been formed to solicit meaningful input from our community. With the zoning envelope now defined, the Working Group will take up the task of giving definitive guidance to the University Administration on implementation; of taking account of the existing, pressing space needs of academic units and programs; and of listening to the implications of the NYU Core Project for members of the University community.

News and Updates

  • Read Q & A (November 6, 2013)
    Questions from FSC and Answers provided by University Space Priorities Working Group
  • Visit USPWG website

FSC Representatives

Sewin Chan & Angela Kamer
Rajeev Dehejia
(served Fall 2012)

University Senate Committees

Senate Committee on Organization and Governance (SCOG)

reviews organizational policies of the University and makes recommendations regarding governance


FSC Members

Jim Jacobs, Warren Jelinek, Charlton McIlwain, Victoria Stanhope, Jim Uleman

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