The AMC is represented on the University Senate by seven Senators. The constituency of the AMC elects three Senators and four Alternate Senators in May to serve for the following two years. The Chairperson of the AMC holds one Senate seat for the duration of his/her term in office. The Vice-Chairperson holds the alternate position for the Chair. Committee assignments are noted with each Senator's name.

AMC Senators

Michael McCaw
Senator, 2017-2018
(Executive Committee)
Juan Tie Alternate Senator, 2017-2018
(Executive Committee)
Regina Drew Senator , 2016-2018 (Public Affairs Committee)
Carolyn Ritter Senator, 2017-2019 (Public Affairs Committee)
Carrie Meconis Senator, 2017-2019 (Financial Affairs Committee)

Meredith Rendall

Alternate Senator, 2017-2019 (Financial Affairs Committee)
Arly Tuysuzian Alternate Senator, 2017-2018 (Financial Affairs Committee)

Pamela Stewart

Senator, 2017-2019 (Academic Affairs Committee)

Stevin Azo Michels
Alternate Senator, 2016-2018 (Academic Affairs Committee)

Amy Fair

Senator, 2016-2018 (University Judicial Board)

Daniel Holub

Alternate Senator, 2017-2019 (University Judicial Board)

Toni DePena

Alternate Senator, 2017-2018 (University Judicial Board)
Denise Upton
Alternate Senator, 2017-2018 (University Judicial Board)

Katrina Denney

Senator, 2017-2018  (Organization & Governance Committee)
Norma Kenigsberg
Alternate Senator, 2017-2019 (Organization & Governance Committee)
Jason Wiker
Alternate Senator, 2017-2019 (Organization & Governance Committee)


University Committee Representation

At the invitation of the university administration, the Administrative Management Council has appointed representatives to several ad hoc, university-wide committees.

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Sexual Misconduct
Daniel Holub
Protection of Minors on Campus Steering Committee

Justine Kelly-Fierro

Diane Sheehan

Security Advisory Committee Jane DelFavero
Superblock Stewardship Advisory Committee Barbara Albrecht
TFSC Administration & Technology Committee Norma Kenigsberg
Women's Leadership Forum


Lourdes Olvera-Marshall

Senate Committee on Work Life Balance
Regina Drew
Carrie Meconis
Kristi Schwindt Ramos
University Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Task Force
Juan Tie
Gwynneth Malin

University Task Force on Affordability
Carrie Prendergast
University Task Force on Tuition Remission
Meredith Rendall
Erica Rothstein
Evan Silberman