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AMC Elections

The NYU Administrative Management Council conducts elections every Spring for the positions of Representative, Senator, and Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer).  Representative and Senator positions are elected for a two year term and Officer positions are elected for a one year term. Please use this page to review information regarding positions, eligibility, and elections.




Administrative Management Council Representative positions are chosen by administrators within their respective units.  For some central administrative units, this could be multiple departments and subdivisions, while schools would include administrators from their academic departments.  The number of Representatives and Alternate Representatives per unit is determined by the number of administrators within a particular unit as defined by the AMC By-Laws (PDF).

Attendance at Meetings
Meetings are held only once a month (usually Tuesdays from 9 to 10:30am) from October to May. Representatives are expected to attend the monthly meeting, however, for those occasions a Representative would have to miss, an Alternate Representative would be asked to attend.

Voting at Meetings
The role of the Representative is to represent the constituents from their respective division on all voting matters which can include issues such as personnel policies, salary considerations, benefit changes or any other topics relative to NYU Administrators.

Feedback from Constituents
Representatives are also responsible for informing their constituents of the issues covered at each Council meeting, and obtaining feedback when necessary.

Other Opportunities
In addition to the responsibilities above, Representatives are provided opportunities to participate on standing or ad-hoc committees of the AMC,  and to network with colleagues around the university. 

Questions about the Representative Position?
If you would like to know more about this position, please contact one of the currently elected Administrators from your Unit available under the Representatives Tab above. 




The Administrative Management Council is represented on the University Senate by five Senators. The constituency of the AMC elects four of the five University Senators, as well as two Alternate Senators for each Senator except the chair. Two of the Senators are elected in May of alternate years to serve a two year term. The Chairperson of the AMC holds one of the Senate seats for the duration of his/her term in office. The Vice-Chairperson holds the alternate position for the Chair.

The Senators will attend all Senate meetings and shall convey to the Senate the expressed interests and concerns of the Administrative Management Council. The Senators shall attend all meetings of the Council and present, at each Council meeting, a report on the actions and activities of the Senate.

The Senator who serves on the Senate Financial Affairs Committee will serve as an ex-officio member of the Personnel and Benefits Committee of the Administrative Management Council. This Senator must attend the Personnel and Benefits Committee meetings to accurately present and defend, to the Senate Financial Affairs Committee, all benefits and personnel policies recommended by the Council.

Alternate Senators shall serve as liaisons to the University Senate and its committees and shall convey to this body the express interests, concerns and decisions of the Administrative Management Council. The alternate Senators shall attend Senate meetings, and in the absence of the Senator, for whom they are the alternate, shall exercise the privileges of the absent Senator in accordance with Senate Bylaws. Alternate Senators shall give periodic reports to the Council as determined by the Council Chairperson. The alternate Senator(s), if not an AMC representative, is allowed to participate at the monthly meetings, but may only vote if the Senator they represent is absent.

AMC Senators are also members of the AMC Executive Committee and are invited to attend monthly meetings hosted by the AMC Chair.


Unlike the Representative position that allows for any administrator to self-nominate, Senator positions have very specific requirements to be an eligible candidate.  Eligibility is as follows:

(1) Nominees shall be drawn from among the constituency of the Administrative Management Council providing that they are current or formerly elected members of the Council who have served in good standing within the past two years.

(2) Non-Council members who have actively served on AMC committees within the past two years are also eligible.

(3) All candidates will be required to prepare a written statement regarding their goals and functions as a Senator. The candidates shall be expected to attend the end-of-year annual meeting in May where they will be required to give a brief statement about their candidacy.

(4) A candidate who cannot attend the annual meeting may designate someone, with the approval of the Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee, to present his or her statement. The candidates’ written statements and ballots shall be made available to the constituents by a method approved by the Council within one week prior to the May annual meeting.

Questions about the Senator Position?
If you would like to know more about Senator position, please contact one of the currently elected Senators from available under the Senators Tab above. 

Elections for AMC Senators are underway. Be sure to check your NYU email address to vote. For questions, email



The schools and units shown elected representatives and alternate representatives in Spring 2014 for the 2014-2016 term. View the election results.

  • Center for Urban Science and Progress (1 Rep / 2 Alts)
  • Courant Institute (3 Reps / 3 Alts)
  • Division of Libraries (6 Reps / 6 Alts)
  • Faculty of Arts and Science (9 Reps / 9 Alts)
  • Gallatin School of Individualized Study (2 Reps / 2 Alts)
  • General Counsel Division (1 Rep / 2 Alts)
  • ITS/GTS (9 Reps / 9 Alts)
  • Inst. for the Study of the Ancient World (1 Rep / 2 Alts)
  • School of Continuing & Prof. Studies (7 Reps / 7 Alts)
  • School of Law (6 Reps / 6 Alts)
  • Steinhardt School (7 Reps / 7 Alts)
  • Univ. Development & Alumni Relations (5 Reps / 5 Alts)
  • Univ. Relations & Public Affairs (4 Reps / 4 Alts)



The Administrative Management Council is led by four annually elected officers -- Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  Officers are elected each April for a one year term, with a maximum of two consective terms. Functions of each respective officer are available in the AMC Bylaws (PDF).


The Council shall annually elect its Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and such other officers
as it may determine. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall develop a list of nominees for each
office that shall be drawn from the Representatives and Alternate Representatives who are interested in becoming an officer of the Council.

The subcommittee shall present the list of nominees for each office for a vote at the April Council meeting. No name may appear on the ballot for more than one office. The election can be by closed ballot or a show of hands. No person may be elected to the same office for more than two consecutive terms. New officers will officially take office on the first of July following the May meeting.

Questions about the Officer Positions?
If you would like to know more about AMC Officer positions, please contact AMC Chair, David Vogelsang at 212-998-4955 or

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