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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee of the University Senate considers the educational policies of the University and is responsible for stimulating and promoting experimentation and innovation.  The Committee considers matters pertaining to University relations with professional and
educational organizations.

The Committee advises the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees regarding honorary degrees and other special awards, and regarding the naming of buildings or
other facilities.  

The Committee is responsible for presenting the Senate with a calendar for the academic year that begins the following calendar year and the Senate thereafter adopts a calendar at or before the March meeting of the Senate each year.

Deans Council Senators:  Thomas Carew, Susanne Wofford
T-Faculty Senators Council Senators:  Hasia Diner, Angela Kamer, Maurizio Porfiri
N/C-Facutly Senators Council Senators:  David Elcott, Larry Slater, Ben Stewart
Student Senators Council Senators:  Sabrina Breher, Jessica Hawk, Laura Musano, Julia (Jules) O'Connor
Administrative Management Council Senators:  Tatum Soo Kim, Carrie Meconis
University Administrators:  Uli Baer**, Jeffrey Metzler***, Diane Yu**

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Financial Affairs

The Financial Affairs Committee of the University Senate considers and makes recommendations on financial and budgetary policies of the University, including capital budgets, operating budgets, long-range financial planning, policies governing allocation of resources among schools, and policies on tuition and salary.  In addition, the Committee considers matters regarding the development of University facilities.

Deans Council Senators: Jeffrey Lehman, Trevor Morrison, Gabrrielle Starr
T-Faculty Senators Council Senators: David Backus, Nick Economides, Sydney Ludvigson, Dan Smith, Raghu Sundaram
N/C-Faculty Senators Council Senators: Jamie Skye Bianco, Joseph Carter, Tommy Lee, Susan Stehlik, Ethan Youngerman
Student Senators Council Senators: Jonathan Bach, Iyann Halilou, Anthony Inkumsah, Magnolia Jorge, Jeremy Larkin, Yaowan Lu, Keagan Sakai-Kawada
Administrative Managers Council Senators: John DeSantis, Raymond Lutzky, Eugenia Mejia
University Administrators: Robert Berne***, Martin Dorph**, Anthony Jiga***, Marc Wais, John Sexton**

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Organization and Governance

The Senate Committee on Organization and Governance reviews organizational policies of the University and makes recommendations regarding governance.

Deans Council Senators: Al Bloom, Carol Mandel, Fred Schwarzbach
T-Faculty Senators Council Senators: Mitchell Kane, James Jacobs, Warren Jelinek, Jim Uleman
N/C-Faculty Senators Council Senators: Joseph Borowiec, Eugene Cittadino, Vincent Renzi, Ezra Sacks
Student Senators Council Senators: Victoria Ettore, Naga Tarun Guntupalli, Michael Hengerer, Kevin Jones, Masha Leonov, Griffin Simpson
Administrative Managers Council Senators: Kristi Schwindt Ramos, Norma Kenigsberg, Katherine Drummond
University Administrators:  Terrance Nolan, Carrie Trowbridge, Diane Yu**


Full-Time Contract Faculty Planning Committee (2013-2014)

Full-time contract faculty members were elected from throughout the University to work with the Senate Committee on Organization and Governance (SCOG) on addressing the issue of contract faculty representation in our governance structures.

At the April 17, 2014 meeting of the University Senate, SCOG formally presented a proposal for the admission of Full-time Non-Tenure Track/Contract Faculty to the University Senate. At the same meeting, the University Senate voted in favor of formally accepting the proposal set forth by SCOG, and voted in favor of recommending that the University Board of Trustees amend the Bylaws of the University to implement SCOG's recommendations.

The University Board of Trustees voted in favor of incorporating the Senate proposals into the University Bylaws on June 11, 2014. The amended Bylaws became effective on September 1, 2014, creating the Full-Time Non-Tenure Track/Contract Faculty Senators Council.

Ann Marie Mauro (Co-Chair), College of Nursing;
Randolph Mowry (Co-Chair), Steinhardt School of Culture, Education &
Human Development;

Claudia Angelos, School of Law;
Amy Becker,
NYU Shanghai;
Maria Benedetto-Anzai,
School of Medicine;
Hannah Brueckner,
NYU Abu Dhabi;
Gordon Campbell,
Wagner Graduate School of Public Service;
Martha Caprio,
School of Medicine;
Fred Carl,
Tisch School of the Arts;
Joseph Carter,
School of Medicine;
Lawrence Chiarelli,
Nancy Fefferman,
School of Medicine;
Gabrielle Gold-von Simson,
School of Medicine;
John Halpin,
Faculty of Arts and Science;
Neal Herman,
College of Dentistry;
Jessie Keyt,
Tisch School of the Arts;
Mary Killilea,
Faculty of Arts and Science;
Matthew P. Leingang,
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences;
Sylvia Maier,
School of Continuing and Professional Studies;
Prasheila Manga,
School of Medicine;
Brian Mooney, School of Continuing and Professional Studies;
Vaskuki Nesiah, Gallatin School of Individualized Study;
Ward Regan,
Faculty of Arts and Science (Liberal Studies);
Dina Rosenfeld,
Silver School of Social Work;
Ezra Sacks,
Tisch School of the Arts;
Nina Servizzi,
Division of Libraries;
Susan Stehlick,
Stern School of Business;
Benjamin Stewart,
Faculty of Arts and Science;
Frederic Viguier,
Faculty of Arts and Science;
William Wesbrooks,
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education & Human Development;
Patrick Ying,
School of Medicine

November 20, 2013 - Minutes

December 2, 2013 - Minutes

December 9, 2013 - Minutes

December 16, 2013 - Minutes

January 13, 2014 - Minutes

January 27, 2014 - Minutes

February 3, 2014 - Minutes


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Public Affairs

The Senate Public Affairs Committee is concerned with matters relating to Commencement Exercises and other public occasions affecting more than one school.  The Committee also considers matters related to the University's relations with the local community.  

The Committee conducts an annual review of the guidelines for use of University facilities and informs appropriate administrative personnel about the operation of these guidelines.  

The Committee also develops additional guidelines, as needed, for approval by the Senate; hears grievances and arbitrates disputes in connection with the use of University facilities; and determines violations of these guidelines.  Appeals from decisions of the Public Affairs Committee may be made to the Senate.

Deans Council Senators:  Peter Blair Henry, Eileen Sullivan-Marx
T-Faculty Senators Council Senators:  Mark Adelman, Mark Alter, Arthur Tannenbaum
N/C-Faculty Senators Council Senators:  Jennifer Berg, Fred Carl, Matthew McClelland
Student Senators Council Senators:  Nikita Chaudhry, Morgan Hubbard, Hannah Rittner, Prathit Vora
Administrative Managers Council Senators:  Regina Drew, Stephanie Pryor
University Administrators:  Lynne Brown**, Lisa Kail, Jeffrey Metzler


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University Judicial Board

The New York University Student Disciplinary Procedures approved by the Senate on February 9, 1978 called for the creation of the University Judicial Board and its status as a Standing Committee ofthe Senate, the form of its membership, and its duties.

The Judicial Board hears and decides cases referred to it, directly and on appeal, in accordance with the provisions of the Disciplinary Procedures.

Deans Council Senators:  Charles Bertolami, Sharon Glied, Geeta Menon, Brian Paquette, Kathleen Talvacchia
T-Faculty Senators Council Senators:  Mark Atler, Nick Economides, Achiau Ludomirsky, Arthur Miller, Thomas Wisniewski, Daniel Zwangziger
N/C-Faculty Senators Council Senators:  Kay Cummings, Nancy Fefferman, Peggy Morton, Ronald Rainey, Paul Testa, Andrew Williams
Student Senators Council Senators:  John Belknap, Adrian Co, Carolyn Cole, Hani Kfouri, Nick Marroletti, Kaja Schmidt, Colin Waddell, Lisa Wang
Administrative Managers Council Senators:  Daniel Holub, Justine Kelly-Fierro, Cormac Slevin, Anne Stubing
University Administrators: William Miller***

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Names of Alternate Senators Appear in Italics

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