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Marc Wais

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

Marc Wais was named New York University’s Senior Vice President for Student Affairs in September 2014. He has served as NYU's chief student affairs officer since 2003. Under his leadership, NYU has earned 34 NASPA Excellence Awards — recognizing excellence and innovation in student affairs programs and initiatives — in the past 12 years.

As Senior Vice President, Marc has overseen significant initiatives to improve student life for NYU’s 50,000 students over the past 14 years; highlights include the creation of the Wellness Exchange, the Student Resource Center, the Office of Research and Assessment, and the Office of the Interactive Media. Under his leadership, NYU has significantly expanded and enhanced career services, now the Wasserman Center for Career Development, support for international students and scholars, now the Office of Global Services, and the creation and expansion of multiple faculty-embedded programs in the residences, such as the Faculty Fellows in Residence, Exploration Floors, and Writers in Residence. He has also assisted with developing and cultivating student life throughout NYU’s global network, which spans 15 sites on six continents.

Marc has presented on various student life issues nationally and internationally, been published in newspapers and magazines, served on the Editorial Board of the NASPA Journal, co-written a book chapter in Exceptional Senior Student Affairs Administrators Leadership, garnered six major grants totaling more than $1 million dollars, been active in professional associations and higher educations boards (NASPA, College For Every Student, Phi Delta Kappa), and served in various community service initiatives (United Way, Ronald McDonald House, Boy's Club of America). He is a 2016 recipient of the NASPA Pillar of the Profession Award.

Prior to NYU, Marc served for eight years as Dean of Students, Resident Fellow, and University Fellow at Stanford University. He received his doctorate in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy from Harvard University.

Key People

In Student Affairs

Christopher Bledsoe

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs; Director of Athletics, Intramurals & Recreation

(212) 998-2040

Erin Callihan

Assistant Vice President for Student UX, Technology, and Engagement

(212) 998-4406

Carlo Ciotoli

Associate Vice President, NYU Student Health - GNU; Executive Director, Student Health Center

(212) 443-1297

Guido Ditto

Senior Director, Creative Strategy

(212) 998-4889

Tom Ellett

Senior Associate Vice President, Student Affairs

(212) 998-4074

Monroe France

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Diversity Initiatives

(212) 998-4728

Bethany Godsoe

Associate Vice President for Career and Leadership Development

(212) 998-4735

Charlene Herreid

Director of Research and Assessment

(212) 998-4409

Nick Jensen

Community & Experience Strategist

(212) 998-4331

Elizabeth Kuzina

Chief of Staff

(212) 998-4412

Wendy J. Li

Assistant Director, Fiscal Affairs

(212) 998-2541

Allen McFarlane

Assistant Vice President for Outreach and Engagement

(212) 998-4345

Zoe Ragouzeos

Assistant Vice President, NYU Student Mental Health - GNU; Director, Counseling & Wellness

(212) 998-2193

Marc Wais

Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

(212) 998-4401