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David Vogelsang

Executive Director, Center for Student Life

David Vogelsang has been serving as the Executive Director of the Student Resource Center since its founding in 2003.  Prior to being appointed Director, he served as the Associate Director of the Office of Student Life and as Fraternity and Sorority Advisor within the Division of Student Affairs.  He also served as Associate Director of Student Affairs at the Tisch School of the Arts.

David's involvement in his college fraternity, as well as his service as an orientation leader and a peer counselor, while an undergraduate, led him into the field of Student Affairs. Post graduation, David worked as a residence hall director, a fraternity and sorority advisor, an activities programmer, and a counselor.

As the Director of the Student Resource Center, David and his team oversaw community building programs and resources for new students, commuters, transfers, graduate students, military and veteran students, and parents of students, as well as major programs such as the Presidential Welcome, Welcome Week, Commuter Appreciation Week, and Parents Day.

David has also served in various leadership roles on the Administrative Management Council, including Chair, from 2012-2014.  He is also a recipient of the NYU Distinguished Administrator Award and one of several recipients of the NYU Team Achievement Award.

A native of Houston, Texas, David has been at NYU since 1993.  He received his BA in Sociology from the University of Texas at Arlington and MS in Counseling and Student Development from Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis).

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