NYU has received more NASPA Excellence Awards for “excellence and innovation” than any other college or university in the history of the program: 37 in 13 years, including 3 in 2017. With over 15,000 members at 1,500 campuses — representing 25 countries, all 50 states, and 8 U.S. territories — the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators is one of the foremost professional associations for student affairs administrators, faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students.


  • Gold Award: “The NYU Know Your Rights Project and Travel Monitor Program” (Global Services)
  • Silver Award: “NYU Connections for Autism Spectrum Disorders” (Moses Center)
  • Silver Award: “NYU’s Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Services” (Student Health Center)


  • Gold Award: “FACES of #NYUWelcomeWeek” (SRC)
  • Silver Award: “NYU's Faith Zone” (Global Spiritual Life)
  • Silver Award: “NYU's First Class Program” (Wasserman)
  • Bronze Award: “Catching FYRE: Developing an Intentional First Year Residential Experience” (Residential Life & Housing Services)


  • Grand Bronze Award and Gold Award: “Campus Coding Collaborative” (Interactive Media, IT, Entrepreneurial Institute, SSC)
  • Bronze Award: “Student-Athlete Transition Coach Program” (Athletics)


  • Silver Award: “The Merger of NYU and NYU-Poly: A Student Affairs Integration” (NYU Poly)
  • Silver Award: “The Mindfulness Project at NYU” (Global Spiritual Life)


  • Gold Award: "HashtagNYU" (Interactive Media)
  • Silver Award: "LiveWellNYU" (Student Health Center)
  • Silver Award: "Writers in Residence" (Residential Life & Housing Services)
  • Bronze Award: "Explore New York, Explore the World" (OVPSA)
  • Bronze Award: "Project Pay Attention" (Residential Life & Housing Services)


  • Silver Award: “Stop It: A Comprehensive Anti-Bullying Campaign” (Athletics, SHC, LGBTQ, Residential Life & Housing Services)
  • Silver Award: “Team NYU Global” (Athletics)
  • Bronze Award: “RISE: Residential International Student Experience” (Residential Life & Housing Services)


  • Gold Award: “Ally Week” (CMEP, LGBTQ)
  • Gold Award: “Building Better Community: How a Small Survey Made a Big Difference” (Athletics)
  • Gold Award: “CommUnity: Merging Leadership and Service to Engage First-Year Commuter Students” (SRC)


  • Grand Gold Award and Gold Award: “Health Center Without Walls” (Student Health Center)
  • Silver Award: “The Reality Show: NYU” (Student Health Center)


  • Gold Award: “Alcohol Education and Risk Reduction Programming” (Student Health Center)
  • Gold Award: “New York University’s Emergency Response” (Student Health Center)
  • Silver Award: “A.C.T. Institute” (CMEP)
  • Silver Award: “First Year Experience” (SRC)
  • Bronze Award: “Webinars” (Residential Life & Housing Services)


  • Gold Award: “Hip Hop Pedagogy” (CMEP)
  • Gold Award: “Informed Choices” (Residential Life & Housing Services)
  • Silver Award: “Graduate Welcome Week at NYU” (SRC)


  • Gold Award: “Student Resource Center” (SRC)
  • Gold Award: “Tear It Up!” (Athletics)
  • Bronze Award: “-ISM Project” (CMEP)


  • Silver Award: “Explorations Program” (Residential Life & Housing Services)


  • Silver Award: “An Innovative Approach to Address Mental Health on Campus: The NYU Wellness Exchange” (Student Health Center)