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NYU Abu Dhabi Admissions

The NYU Abu Dhabi Admissions office is responsible for recruiting the top students from around the world to NYU's new portal campus in Abu Dhabi. The NYU Abu Dhabi admissions office reports to NYU's Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduates in the Global Network University, who holds the dual role of NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Financial Support for NYU Abu Dhabi (the latter reporting to the Vice Chancellor of NYU Abu Dhabi.

NYU Abu Dhabi is a research university that fully integrates a liberal arts and science undergraduate college, organically linked to a major university in the United States. Over time, NYU Abu Dhabi will also offer distinctive graduate and professional programs. NYU Abu Dhabi together with NYU New York will form the backbone of a Global Network University, creating a unique and unprecedented capacity for faculty and students to access all the resources of a research university system across five continents. 

Josh Fein
Assistant Dean of Admissions

Margaret Phelan
Assistant Dean of Admissions

Lisa Taylor
Assistant Dean of Admissions

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