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Linda Mills

Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and University Life; Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Financial Support, NYU Abu Dhabi; Lisa Ellen Goldberg Professor

Linda G. Mills is Professor of Social Work, Public Policy, and Law. She also serves as Executive Director of NYU’s Center on Violence and Recovery. Mills is NYU's inaugural Lisa Ellen Goldberg Professor, Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and University Life, NYU, and Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Financial Support for NYU Abu Dhabi.

As Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and University Life, Dr. Mills is responsible for oversight of and strategic planning for the Global Sites and for engaging faculty, schools, departments and administrative units across the Global Sites. As Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Financial Support for NYUAD, Dr. Mills is responsible for student outreach and financial support. Areas in her NYU "University Life" portfolio include enrollment management, student affairs and the Registrar for the University at large.

Dr. Mills’ scholarly work challenges the current paradigms of domestic abuse and develops a new theory and practice based on empirical research for rethinking how we respond to violence in intimate relationships. She recently completed a study in Nogales, AZ comparing a batterer intervention program to a restorative justice treatment called Circles of Peace. The findings from this randomized controlled trial appear in “The Next Generation of Court-Mandated Domestic Violence Treatment,” published in Journal of Experimental Criminology. This research was funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Building on the Nogales NSF research, Dr. Mills is currently principal investigator on another NSF study in Salt Lake City, UT. In Utah, Dr. Mills is replicating and further testing the effectiveness of traditional batterer intervention programs (BIP) compared to a combined treatment of BIP plus Circles of Peace or BIP plus couples counseling. To complement this research, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) awarded Dr. Mills a grant titled “An In-Depth Examination of Batterer Intervention and Alternative Treatment Approaches for Domestic Violence Offenders” to collect and evaluate qualitative data on the experiment currently underway in Salt Lake City.

Dr. Mills has authored several books, including: Violent Partners: A Breakthrough Plan for Ending the Cycle of Abuse (Basic Books, 2008) and Insult to Injury: Rethinking Our Response to Intimate Abuse (Princeton University, 2003). A select list of Dr. Mills's numerous publications include: “The next generation of court-mandated domestic violence treatment: A randomized controlled trial of restorative justice,” forthcoming in Journal of Experimental Criminology; “Do you remember: A letter to my son” published in Traumatology in 2011; “A critical new pathway towards change in abusive relationships: The theory of transition framework,” published in Clinical Social Work Journal in 2010; "Shame and intimate abuse: The critical missing link between cause and cure," published in Children and Youth Services Review in 2008; "Fighting for child custody when domestic violence is at issue: A survey of state laws and a call for more research," (with Amy Levin) published in Social Work in 2003; "Killing her softly: Intimate abuse and the violence of state intervention," published in Harvard Law Review in 1999; and “On the other side of silence: Affective lawyering for intimate abuse,” published in Cornell Law Review in 1996. A complete list of Dr. Mills’ publications can be found on the CVR website.

In 2010, Dr. Mills co-directed and co-produced a documentary called Auf Wiedersehen: 'Til We Meet Again, a film that explores the intergenerational transmission of trauma from the Holocaust to 9-11. The film was an official selection at eight film festivals, including the Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival and the Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival. In Los Angeles, the film took an Audience Award, Runner Up for Best Documentary and was an Opening Night Selection and Best Political Film, Honorable Mention, in Philadelphia. Auf Wiedersehen, Til We Meet Again was approved by the Austrian Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture as a Holocaust remembrance tool for high school students. Mills is currently working on a research project in collaboration with Mauthausen Memorial in Austria examining the effectiveness of different modes of delivery of Holocaust and genocide education to young people.

As a licensed social worker, Dr. Mills also acts as a professional counselor.


Linda Mills
Vice Chancellor for Global Programs and University Life, NYU; Associate Vice Chancellor for Admissions and Financial Support, NYU Abu Dhabi

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