As the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives and University Life, Nancy Morrison serves as liaison to the Undergraduate Advising Leadership Group, the University Registrar, the NYU Opportunity Programs, the University Chaplains, and a variety of experts in each of NYU's distinctive schools to support and enhance University-wide endeavors. As chair of the Advising Leadership Group - the academic advising Deans and Directors from each of our undergraduate schools - she fosters their work to enhance advising accessibility, as well as to improve processes and support of students and administrators (e.g., cross-school minors). The Advising Leadership Group also provides opportunities for professional development to the larger academic advising community. Working with the University Registrar, her focus is to enhance the student experience as we move to a new student information system. She chairs the Classroom Cabinet, working closely with the Registrar's Office, the Office of Construction Management, Classroom Technology and Support, and the Office of Strategic Assessment, Planning and Design in order to improve the quality and condition of our instructional spaces.

The office focuses efforts to broaden and improve the student experience through expanded academic initiatives, including Winter Session, Spring in New York, and Summer. Among Nancy's other responsibilities for University life, she is developing the University's first Chaplaincy, and she represents student life interests in campus planning. Finally, she is working to integrate and further develop University support for our diverse undergraduate academic scholars, collaborating with educators across campus to integrate and enhance academic resources for NYU's Opportunities Programs.

Nancy assumed this role in the summer of 2007, after serving as Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at NYU for three years. She came to NYU from Stanford's Dean of Students office, where she was an Assistant Dean of Students for five years. Nancy received her doctorate in Higher Education Management from the University of Pennsylvania.