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Gérard Benarous

Vice Provost for Science and Engineering Development; Director, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Gérard Benarous is the Vice Provost for Science and Engineering Development and Director of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. A specialist of probability theory and its applications, Dr. Benarous joined NYU as a Professor of Mathematics in 2002 and was appointed Vice Provost and Director of Courant in September 2011. A native of France, Dr. Benarous studied mathematics at the École Normale Supérieure and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Paris VII in 1981. He has been a Professor at the University of Paris-Sud (Orsay), at École Normale Supérieure, and most recently at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, where he held the Chair of Stochastic Modeling. Dr. Benarous was head of the Department of Mathematics at Orsay and the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science at École Normale Supérieure. He also founded a mathematics research institute, the Bernoulli Center, in Lausanne and is the managing editor (with Amir Dembo, Stanford) of one of the main journals in his field, Probability Theory and Related Fields.

Dr. Benarous works on probability theory (stochastic analysis, large deviations, random media, and random matrices) and its connections with other domains of mathematics (partial differential equations, dynamical systems), physics (statistical mechanics of disordered media), and industrial applications. He is primarily interested in the time evolution of complex systems, and the universal aspects of their long-time behavior and of their slow relaxation to equilibrium - in particular, how complexity and disorder imply aging. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (August 2011) and an elected member of the International Statistics Institute. Dr. Benarous was a plenary speaker at the European Congress of Mathematics and an invited speaker at the International Congress of Mathematics; he also received a Senior Lady Davis Fellowship (Israel), the Rollo Davison Prize (Imperial College, London), and the Montyon Prize (French Academy of Sciences).


Paul Horn
Senior Vice Provost for Research; Senior Vice Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship, Tandon School of Engineering


K.R. Sreenivasan
Executive Vice Provost for Engineering and Applied Sciences; Dean, Tandon School of Engineering


Gérard Benarous
Vice Provost for Science and Engineering Development; Director, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

Cybele Raver

C. Cybele Raver
Vice Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs

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    Paul Horn, K.R. Sreenivasan, Gérard Benarous, C. Cybele Raver
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