Cross-School Initiatives

Some areas of scholarly focus naturally draw on disciplines and faculty that cross traditional school boundaries. The Office of the Provost supports "bottom-up" efforts to bring together faculty from across academic fields to work on four wide-ranging challenges that are areas of scholarly strength for NYU: Urban, Aging, Inequality, and Entrepreneurship.

Faculty member leading a class lecture


The NYU Aging Incubator is the locus of the University's wide-ranging academic collaboration around aging. It supports the development of innovative and interdisciplinary research initiatives and educational endeavors to improve the health and well-being of the oldest segment of our population.


Few if any urban universities are as entwined with their cities as NYU, or have as wide a range of offerings related to urban issues. Faculty from across departments, schools, and disciplines are working together to build on this foundation and to foster new research and learning so that NYU becomes indisputably "the" institution for the study of urban issues.


NYU faculty from a wide range of schools and disciplines work on issues of inequality. They have come together to explore how collaboration and focus can extend the scope and impact of that work in an effort to support strategies to reduce inequality.


The Provost's Office fosters a flourishing entrepreneurial spirit and drive among NYU students, faculty, and administrators by providing numerous resources to each. New and experienced entrepreneurs are encouraged to experiment, create, and perhaps even launch innovative solutions with positive impacts locally and globally.

Other University-wide Priorities

Work and Life Quality

In a residential academic community, the lives of faculty are not confined to their roles as scholars and professors. They are also parents and family members who make their homes at NYU. The Office of the Provost has established Work Life at NYU to better assist faculty with these aspects of their lives.

Faculty Child Care Fund Program

NYU is launching a new child care program for full-time faculty beginning in January 2019. The new program will provide subsidies to eligible faculty families with children under the age of four.

Full-time tenured, tenure-track, and continuing contract faculty who have an annual base salary of less than $120,000 will receive an annual childcare award of $3,500 for each child under the age of four. Those with an annual base salary of $120,000 and more will receive an annual childcare award of $2,000 for each child under the age of four. (These awards are tax-free for the first child; in accordance with IRS regulations, some portions of the awards become taxable with two or more children).

Applications to the Child Care Fund Program for the 2019 calendar year will be accepted beginning late August. Over the coming months, the Office of Work Life and the Benefits Office will contact eligible faculty with further specifics. 

Promotion and Tenure

The Office of the Provost has begun reviewing tenure policies and data from NYU schools to see how the process can be improved to benefit scholarship and candidates for tenure.



The Provost is committed to supporting faculty diversity. The Disability, Inclusion, and Accessibility Working Group (PDF) will work to develop new policies to make NYU more accessible to disabled members of the community, in tandem with the University’s Chief Diversity Officer.

Campus Art


NYU has great potential for the display of art in outdoor spaces around the campus. The Committee on Public Art will develop policies for guiding the display of art and provide recommendations for major projects.

Sculpture made by NYU students in courtyard

Art installation created during Inauguration Celebration Week © NYU Photo Bureau: Miller