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Jules Coleman

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning

Dr. Jules Coleman, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning, focuses on hiring strategies and policies within the Global Network University, chairing the committee on Global Hiring Initiatives. Prior to becoming the Senior Vice Provost, Dr. Coleman served for ten years as Academic Advisor and Consultant to the President and Provost of NYU on matters of academic planning and hiring.  He also plays a central role in reviewing as well as hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions within the University overall. He is a Professor of Philosophy in both the Washington Square and Abu Dhabi campuses. He is also affiliated with the Clive Davis Program in Recorded Music at the Tisch School for the Arts.

Prior to coming to NYU, Dr. Coleman taught philosophy at the University of California, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the University of Arizona, and, most recently, at Yale University, where he was the Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld Professor of Jurisprudence (in the law school) and Professor of Philosophy. Dr. Coleman is the author of over 100 articles and a dozen books, a number of which have been translated into several languages. His books Risks and Wrongs and The Practice of Principle (originally presented as the Clarendon Lectures in Law at Oxford) have been the subject of numerous conferences and publications. This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the original publication of Risks and Wrongs which will be celebrated at a conference in Girona Spain in late December. His contributions to legal and political philosophy have been recognized in many conferences in his honor, including most recently ones in Bologna, Italy (contributions to which appear in two issues of the 20th Anniversary Issue of Ratio Juris), in Cartagena, Colombia and at Quinnipiac Law School, the latter leading to a Festschrift in his honor. He has presented over 50 Endowed Lectures Series including the Clarendon and Hart Lectures at Oxford and the Austin Lecture at Cambridge University. He has been a Guggenheim Fellow, the recipient of Honorary Degrees and has been awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award (in 1987) from Brooklyn College where he graduated in 1968. He received his Ph.D. from The Rockefeller University in 1972 and an MSL from Yale Law School in 1976.

In addition to his scholarly research, Dr. Coleman is known for his essays on popular music, including especially "Hail Hail Rock and Roll," and as a reviewer of high end audio equipment, especially turntables, tube electronics and horn-loaded loudspeakers.


Jules Coleman
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning

Matthew Santirocco Portrait

Matthew Santirocco
Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs


C. Cybele Raver
Vice Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs

Ron Robin Portrait

Ron Robin
Senior Vice Provost for Global Faculty Development, NYU; Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Development, NYU-Abu Dhabi and NYU-Shanghai

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