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Sarah Irvin

Sarah Irvin is the Administrative Aide for the Office of Academic Program Review & Assessment, providing administrative leadership and support. Sarah serves as the primary administrative contact for the office, providing critical communication to the team as well as internal and external organizations.

Sarah joined the Office of the Provost in September of 2018. Prior to this role, Sarah served as an Office Assistant at the College Core Curriculum of the College of Arts & Science. In this role she assisted with student and faculty inquiries, and served as the first point of contact for the office.

Sarah holds a Master of Music in Music Technology from NYU and a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The New School.

Key People

In Academic Program Review and Assessment

Lina Janusas

Program Director, Academic Compliance & Accreditation


Titilayo Weech

Program Director, Academic Planning, Strategy & Assessment


Tanya Goldman

Research & Strategy Consultant