The Office of Academic Assessment (OAA) is responsible for shaping and reinforcing the NYU student learning assessment system, ensuring processes of making information-based enhancements to student learning are continuous and sustainable. Reporting directly to NYU's academic leadership, the OAA collaborates with the Office of Academic Program Review and the Office of Institutional Research and Program Evaluation to provide decision-making bodies with key insights from aggregated course, program, and institution-level student learning assessment results. 

The Assistant Vice Provost consults with faculty, staff, and administrators to aid in their design, implementation, analysis, and use of assessment plans. To foster further growth of the student learning assessment program at NYU, the OAA sponsors numerous capacity building efforts on an annual basis, such as co-chairing an Assessment Council with the Vice Provost for Research and Faculty Affairs, organizing internal assessment training workshops for department heads, sponsoring participation in external workshops and conferences for faculty, providing competitive internal seed grants for new assessment initiatives, and offering one-on-one assessment consultation and feedback for new faculty, programs, and staff.

The primary functions of the OAA include:

  • Consult with departments and faculty to provide necessary training and support in the design, implementation, analysis, and use of student learning assessment plans.
  • Research, analyze, and document program, unit, and institutional efforts to expand student learning assessment at NYU.
  • Develop and maintain clear and simple policies to manage evidence of student learning assessment across the NYU academic community.
  • Provide meaningful capacity-building opportunities for programs and faculty, such as grant opportunities for innovative assessment initiatives, internal workshops, and support for program representatives to participate in external assessment trainings and conferences.
  • Disseminate insights from recent developments and debates in human learning and assessment scholarship to campus assessment liaisons. Regularly examine how research based best practices may help inform the NYU assessment program.


Office of Academic Assessment
194 Mercer Street, Room 408
New York, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 998-4426