The Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs provides leadership to ensure academic excellence throughout the University. His areas of responsibility include online and technology-enhanced education; all-University undergraduate academic affairs; global curriculum development, academic planning, and academic policies; and cross-school curricula and multi-school programs. The Senior Vice Provost chairs the Teaching Technology Committee, the Undergraduate Program Committee, the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee, and the Faculty Committee on the Future of Technology-Enhanced Education at NYU. He also convenes the monthly meetings of the Undergraduate Deans and of the Faculty Fellows in Residence.

The Senior Vice Provost of Academic Analytics and Graduate Academic Affairs oversees the Office of Academic Assessment and the Office of Academic Program Review, and directs the Postdoctoral and Transition Program for Academic Diversity. Under the leadership of the Senior Vice Provost, the Office of the Provost at NYU works closely with the deans of the 14 schools with graduate programs as well as the Office of Student Life to ensure a first-class education and academic experience for our 20,000 graduate students. Prospective, new, and returning students can visit the NYU Graduate Student website to learn about NYU's extraordinary range of academic programs and to find out how to enrich their lives while in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.