Women in Information Technology

A diverse group of women sitting at a table

Our Purpose

NYU IT launched Women in Information Technology (WIT) to promote diverse career pathways, as well as to build and nurture a robust support network for female IT professionals at NYU.

Our Mission

To empower women who are working in IT-related professions at NYU, and to encourage them to reach their fullest professional and personal potential by pursuing University career opportunities, taking advantage of professional resources on campus, and employing industry best practices in their fields.

Our Goals

WIT seeks to fulfill its purpose and stay true to its mission as a professional support network for IT women professionals by:

  • Creating in-person networking opportunities and online events that attract and advance women who are in or wish to pursue an IT-related profession.
  • Hosting events that showcase female leaders in IT.
  • Fostering open dialogue about the unique challenges and issues women in technical fields face in today’s workplace.
  • Presenting information about opportunities for professional development that offer diverse pathways for growth, including workshops and training sessions.
  • Providing volunteering and mentoring opportunities with University partners in and outside the NYU community.


WIT Steering Committee

Photo of NYU CIO Len Peters

Len Peters, WIT Sponsor

Photo of Anandi Nagarajan

Anandi Nagarajan

Photo of Laura Tretner

Laura Tretner

Photo of Angela Chen

Angela Chen

Photo of Tamara Santiago

Tamara Santiago, WIT Co-Chair

Photo of Natalie Hidalgo

Natalie Hidalgo, WIT Co-Chair

Photo of Lisa Sookbirsingh

Lisa Sookbirsingh


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News & Resources

Learn about other technology organizations and professional groups for women at NYU. For more information about tech-related professional development opportunities, see below or visit the NYU IT Training and Workshops page.

Profiles in NYU History

Each month, WIT features female trailblazers within the NYU community who have made significant contributions to the information technology field. See below to read about our latest NYU community member profile: De Angela Duff.

Photo of De Angela Duff

De Angela L. Duff

De Angela L. Duff is a designer, photographer, web developer, DJ, and podcaster. She’s also the Co-Director of Integrated Digital Media (IDM) & Industry Associate Professor at NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn.

De Angela has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Purple Reign Conference; EYEO; Black Portraitures III, II and II: Revisited; and NYC's Creative Tech Week. She has judged Eyebeam's Trust Residency, Tribeca Film Institute's New Media Fund, and HOW's interactive design competition. Her work has been featured in publications such as HOW and Print magazines, and the books, Now Loading and www.animation: Animation Design for the World Wide Web.

Since 2005, De Angela has been genre-hopping on her online radio show/curated mix, No Turn Unstoned, and currently produces the Prince & Prince-related podcasts for Grown Folks Music Inside The Album and Behind The Film podcasts. De Angela holds an MFA in Studio Art (Photography) from MiCA, a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia State University, and a B.S. in Textile Engineering from Georgia Tech. Her research currently combines music, photography, and technology.

Explore De Angela’s body of work at polishedsolid.com.