Stephanie Pianka is fully responsible for all aspects of NYU’s fiscal strategy and financial operations, as well as campus services. Ms. Pianka provides oversight to the following units, among others: Office of Budget and Financial Planning, Treasury, Financial Operations and Office of the Controller, Internal Audit, Public Resource Administration and Campus Services.

Stephanie joined NYU in 2012 and held the office of Vice President, Financial Operations and University Treasurer until her promotion to CFO in June 2017.

Stephanie’s prior experience includes financial operations both domestically and in international business settings in both small and large, complex organizations. She has held financial and operations leadership positions for Fortune 500 technology companies and was the CFO for a technology startup. Prior to that, she worked at General Electric for fourteen years, capping her time there as Managing Director for GE Capital Financial Guaranty Insurance Company. Stephanie is an avid triathlete and is also a board director for the Phoenix Footwear Group.

Stephanie holds a BA degree in computer science from SUNY Oswego, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.