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Office of the Executive Vice President

About the Office

The people of the Office of the Executive Vice President (OEVP) will ensure that New York University leads all other universities in the quality of its infrastructure support for faculty, students and staff thereby empowering them to achieve more than they can at any other institution.


The people of OEVP will provide high quality, efficient services and systems to the Trustees, and Offices of the President, the Provost, and the Executive Vice President for Health, as well as the Deans, Faculty, Administrators and Students of NYU. The people of the OEVP will treat everyone in the University with courtesy and respect as they assist them in achieving their various academic, research and services goals.


  • To understand, embrace and foster the vision, mission and goals of the academic leadership of the University;
  • To ensure the economic strength of the University and its component academic units;
  • To explore new operating models and revenue sources that will be less dependent on "conventional" tuition, borrowing and philanthropy;
  • To continuously improve services for faculty, deans and students thereby increasing their productivity, achievement and satisfaction;
  • To support the vision of individual schools and deans by establishing partnerships with them to develop economic support for their specific academic and research plans;
  • To foster the sharing of best economic and operational practices across schools;
  • To enhance the physical infrastructure of the NYU campuses worldwide, and to optimize the value and utility of the real estate portfolio of the University.
  • To systematically improve the efficiency of all operations through benchmarking, best practices and the like, not only in comparison to other universities, but to well-managed corporations that typically engage problem issues before universities do;
  • To promote esprit de corps across people in all University units by soliciting constructive criticism, empathizing with academic goals, providing great infrastructure support, and modeling positive interpersonal skills;
  • To create a culture that "time is of the essence" and a conceptual realization of the impact of lost opportunities on the progress of the University caused by undue delays;
  • To develop comprehensive metrics to assess progress across all aspects of the OEVP operations, and to identify controlled settings to test, validate, and improve operational approaches that may benefit the University.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable laws, and with all enhanced operational standards that the University might establish within the purview of the Office of the EVP.

Executive Vice President Martin Dorph

Martin Dorph
Executive Vice President, Finance & Information Technology

Alison Leary 2x2

Alison Leary
Executive Vice President

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