The information presented below is meant to help you identify which attorney at NYU Langone Health to contact based on the type of matter involved. Here you will find a list of NYU Langone Health's main legal practice areas, as well as the name of the attorney(s) in our office with the most expertise in each of these areas. Please click on a person’s name to access their contact and biographical information. If the attorney you contact believes another attorney would be more appropriate for the task, we will let you know.

Please note that the list does not cover every legal practice area. If you have a question about a legal matter that is not covered on this list, please do not hesitate to contact our general number at 212-998-2240 and we will direct you to an attorney who can assist with your matter.

Ambulatory Network
Gina Dolan

Clinical Affairs, EGP
Gina Dolan, Reema Ghuman, Julia Levy 

Corporate, Commercial Transactions
Sheila Eisenberg

Contracts & Supply Chain
Lia Iannetti, Amanda Miller

Anta Cissé-Green

Hospital Patients, Medical Staff
Lynn Lowy, Tamara Alexander Lynch

Insurance & Claims
Lorenzo AmenoSheila EisenbergAnnette Johnson, Lee Taylor

Labor, Employment, and Litigation
Daniel DriesenAna Salper

Malpractice Claims and Insurance
Lorenzo Ameno, Nancy BlockBenjamin Flattery, Geri Kaufman