As a parent, you are an important member of the NYU community. We value your involvement and encouragement. Your generosity provides critical funds to support existing and emerging programs including scholarships, facility improvements, visiting faculty, and student clubs and activities. Your gift affirms the faculty and staff who spend their professional lives working with your children—thank you.

NYU Loyal Parents

As a Parents' Fund donor, you may be eligible to join NYU Loyal Parents. NYU Loyal Parents is an important facet of the University's ongoing efforts to build and strengthen our relationships with the greater NYU community.

NYU Loyal Parents is the University's way of acknowledging the most loyal members of the NYU parent community. Loyal Parents understand the importance of philanthropic involvement with their child's school, and are willing to go above and beyond in support of education.

Members support their students' schools philanthropically, assist and advise the University in strategies for engaging parents, and play important roles as University volunteers. Loyal Parents are also encouraged to host occasional events, identify ways to engage other parents, and provide leadership and support to help increase participation in the Parents' Fund.

Visit the NYU Loyal Parents page for more information.

NYU Student Heather Buckendahl SSSW 2015

"The fellowship has allowed me to attend the school of my dreams with much less of a financial burden than I had imagined. My family is very proud and thankful that I am able to go the school that I have worked so hard to attend. Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I, and my family, immensely appreciate it."