Momentum -- a scholarship campaign for NYU

Our Priority: Scholarship Aid

Every year tens of thousands of young people—over 67,000 in recent years—show the value they place on an NYU education by applying for 5,000 seats in our entering freshman class.

Given our selectivity, getting into NYU is difficult. But for too many of our most deserving applicants and students, another hurdle looms: being able to afford to come here. For each student with need—and almost half of our undergraduates are eligible for scholarship aid—we do our best to build an award that adds our own grants to private and government resources. And while NYU does provide an extraordinary amount of assistance, we are not able to meet the overall financial needs of our students. Annually the gap is on the order of $200–250 million.

That is why our ambitious goal for the Momentum Campaign is to raise $1 billion exclusively dedicated to generating scholarships. Your partnership and participation is vitally important to help us meet this goal. New York University stands ready to educate the leaders of the future. Your generosity will enable us to bring more of the world’s most talented young minds to the Washington Square campus and across our global network.

We need you to set in motion a campaign focused on one goal: to unlock the potential and unleash the ambition of talented men and women. We cannot think of a more worthy endeavor.

Washington Square Arch

Unlocking Potential. Unleashing Ambition

New York University was founded in 1831 on an unconventional philosophy: to educate all outstanding New Yorkers, regardless of national origin, religion, or class. As NYU ascended into the elite tiers of higher education, we lifted thousands of deserving students with us. Historically, the University has been a "school of opportunity," welcoming generations of first-in-the-family college graduates and providing immigrant and underprivileged families with a springboard for advancement.

NYU has experienced a period of unprecedented improvement in our position and rankings, demonstrated by the quality of the faculty and students we continue to recruit and the success of our worldwide alumni network. We have a greater opportunity than ever before to educate the world’s most promising students, many of whom have overcome remarkable challenges to arrive at NYU with their desire to excel—if we can offer them the financial means to do so. And we must. With your help, we will have the resources to enable our students to reach even greater heights. 

Be Part of the Momentum

We look forward to working with you to tailor your gift in support of NYU’s Momentum Campaign in the way that aligns best with your priorities.